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India Yangon Visa

eVisa is a great option, but it doesn't work for everyone. Mandalay and Yangon. Embassy of India in Yangon, Myanmar Myanmar, Yangon. Myanmar visa application, requirements for Indian citizens. Both a valid passport and visa are required to study in India.

Applying for an Indian Visa in Yangon

During our first visit to Yangon we went to the Indian Ambassador to learn the specification for getting an Indian passport. As we were informed at the consulate, we could get a tourism visas for India in Nepal, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. It' possible to get a 30-day touristic visas anywhere in the whole wide globe, all filled in on-line, but we wanted to stay longer!

At the Indian Embassy in Yangon to get a multi-pass entrance visas for 6 months, which is the same cost as a 3-month visas that we were advised we would need: 6 months valid and 2 empty pages. It'?s a copy of our pass. Fill out and print out an on-line questionnaire, which includes an image upload.

One 2×2 in. pass picture, a regular pass picture does not work. It'?s a copy of our Myanmar virus. Photocopies must also be made if the immigration seal is on a page other than the one on which the permit is issued. After our arrival in Yangon, the message closed for 3 nights for the Shwezigon Pagoda Festival.

Anyway, if we had remained in Yangon about the Yangon International we would have had to stay another 3 nights while our visas were being processed. This means that we had the opportunity to travel around Myanmar to compile all the necessary documentation and things to submit an immediate bid when we returned to Yangon.

Read this diary to find out where you can get all your Mandalay related documentation and photos before applying to Yangon. Since I am Briton, the $162 plus a $2 administration charge. This was not the best choice, so I went to Top Shine Money Chanter after a referral from the shelter.

Then we had 2×2? pictures taken, because the Indian Embassy does not approve default photo ID. Then we got a copy of our passes and visas at the inn, so all we had to do was fill out the onlineform. You will be asked for your actual adress, your constant adress and your adress in India.

Please enter the adress of the accommodation you will be in Yangon. Enter your home adress for the persistent adress, and for the adress in India enter an adress of a lodging in the town you want to go to first. They had a scan here that enabled me to use the same 2×2 picture I had just made in my onlinebusiness.

Email the PDF so you can download and reprint it at the Youth Hostel. From Inle Lake we reached our Yangon Youth Hostel at 06:00 after a midnighter. At 07:35 we went to the message, although we knew that it was only open at 09:30. I had three aliens already but I couldn't see anyone.

As we waited on the desks in front of the message at 08:15, the watchman came out and said that we couldn't stay on the desks until 08:30 and that we had to walk across the street and sign up on a sheet of hard copy that a coincidental one had. By the time we got back to the embassy, all the spots were taken, bright.

By 08:40 o'clock the watchman handed us 2 documents to record the value and the number of the$s we had. When we were finally done, the watchman smiles at us and points to a head start we could have leaned on brilliantly. Then he said that only 8 aliens per days could get a permit, I could score at least 10.

One and a half after one and a half hrs when all the natives were gone, they eventually went to the aliens, three and a half hereafter. I was the first two aliens with Hollywood. One time inside we were given a place by a man who went through your shape and your pass and checked every individual touch for a small crease or crack.

Whenever someone went upstairs to work on his visas, everyone got up and moved to the right. Ultimately we were waited on and received a bill and were to return to biometry on Friday at 3:00 pm, 100 hrs after our application, not the 72 hrs they initially said to me.

Turns out they were serving 11 aliens that particular date. When 8 of us were inside, the watchman came in, counting the men and then talked to the receptionist. That was just good fortune that particular date, I don't think the visas personnel even know what's going on.

By 2:45 pm all the aliens and friars were let in first, which was surprising, we were all sitting in a row. Then you will receive your ID card with the visas and are prepared to travel to India.

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