Yangon Visa

The Yangon Visa

Yangon Myanmar Santa Maria Travels & Tours for tailor-made holidays. No visa is issued by the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Yangon. Visa applicants can apply for a visa at the Visa Section of the Czech Embassy in Bangkok. Launch of Yangon International Airport in Myanmar, one of three international airports in Myanmar where evisa is stamped. Are you looking for study opportunities in Yangon?

Application for a Frensh visa in Myanmar

In Myanmar, visa requests are handled by the French Embassy in Yangon. To obtain general information and to prepare, submit and track your visa request, please visit the French visa formalities website. France visas is a one-stop shop with all the information you need to edit and support you at every stage (preparation of the request, data entry, submission and follow-up of the request).

Will I need a visa? First use the "Visa Assistant" to determine whether you need a visa and, if so, what kind of visa. You will also be informed by the assistant which documentation must be attached to your job applications and what fees will be charged. As soon as you have verified that you need a visa, you can fill out your request on our on-line tool.

You' will be asked to set up a France Visas bank details for each stage of the procedure. As soon as you have filled out your on-line request, all you have to do is send it to your nearest visa office. France Visas will give you all the necessary information on how and where to apply.

As soon as your request has been filed, follow the status and see how and when you can pick up your pass and how you can get ready for your journey to France. N.B. Waiting periods for dates and job offers differ according to country and season. Therefore, visa applicants are requested to apply in good notice before depart.

Documentation you need to obtain a visa

On this page you can review the information and documentation you need to obtain a visa. - DOCUMENTS needed to obtain a tourist visa. - Documentation necessary for applying for a student visa (religious noviciate / training). - Prospective student visa application forms (admission to university in Italy).

  • documents necessary for applying for a visa in transit. and - Documents necessary for applying for a seafarers visa. - Permit applications for visa for religion. - Restrictions on the use of the visa for the purpose of obtaining a visa. - The Schengen visa request forms. - A chart to calculate the subsidies necessary for entry into Italy for the purpose of promoting tourist activities in accordance with the Directive of the Ministry of the Interior of 1 March 2000.

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