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The Yangon video

I' m a multimedia journalist based in Yangon, Yangon region, Myanmar (Burma). Fly to Yangon, Myanmar (video). TV & Video Service. Floor footage of the legendary Sedona Hotel in downtown Yangon. TA'AN (PALAUNG) YOUTH GROUP IN YANGON, MYANMAR.

The Ost-West-Center media conference: 2014 Yangon

Jacob Mathew, editor-in-chief and journalist of the Malayala Manorama paper in India, today spoke at the East-West Center International Press Conference in Yangon, Myanmar, about the latest developments in India's world. Malayala Manorama, with a 125-year publishing record, has a print run of 2.2 million copies, which reflects a tendency towards healthier intelligence consumption in Asia, he said, noticing that 27 out of 47 Asiatic nations have a minimum of 90 per cent alphabetization and that the population of six of these nations will increase to twice that in the next 30 years.

Mathemathew said that the newspaper is still challenged by making the contents more engaging for the readers. "Unique, authentic contents will always be the winner," he said.

OTHER FOOTAGE: Giant fire casings Yangon Inn, Iconical Palace Hotels

Eye-witness video was shot by a large fire that blew through an icons in Yangon night. A video shot on Thursday (October 19) shows the fire at the Kandawgyi Palace as firemen spraying fire to contain it.

"at Kandawgyi Palace in Yangon when a fire started sweeping through the teak wood at 3 o'clock in the morning. "That video was taken right outside the motel just after she got out of the motel and the fire was still growing."

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I am a five-time Emmy nominee with many years of TV, broadcast and multi-media expertise. I' m a multi-media reporter with a background in message-producing. I have my video on a Sony..... I am a young Myanmar free-lance reporter and junkie located in Yangon.

I' m a multi-media journalism with headquarters in Yangon, Yangon region, Myanmar (Burma). I recorded my video on a Panasonic AG-HVX 200 ED, which delivers full broadcasting video or a Sony Alpha 7 II. Thet, a film maker and film-maker from Burma, has been working for many years on Myanmar's politics, ethnicity, society and environment, such as Aung San Suu Kyi's youth elections and the.....

Headquartered in Istanbul, Lucy serves the Middle East, Afghanistan, Turkey and..... The top Yangon correspondent are Dave Grunebaum and Katie Arnold. You can use our Journalists Guide to find a member anywhere in Burma.

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