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Journey to Yangon

The Yangon City Tour by local train. The Yangon and Beyond Private Day Tour. Discover Yangon, the largest city in Myanmar. Custom Yangon Holidays & Travel from our local specialists offering authentic Myanmar tours & travel in this enchanting and developing Asian capital. She went to Yangon without a formal response and without travel authorization.

How should you stay 2 nights in Yangon?

Yangon, Myanmar's busy trading hub, is the starting point for most of Myanmar vacations and excursions. It is home to over 6 million inhabitants and by far the biggest town in Myanmar. Shwedagon' s gold pagoda is still the centre of the town, which cannot be missed, as it is seen from most of the places you dare to visit.

Located on the east shore of the Yangon River, Yangon offers the overcrowded inner city roads, 2 open spaces and much more. Yangon city centre has an unbelievable variety of colorful and historic townhouses. They are really nice and searchable, from the High Court Building to the Secretariat.

If you leave the building behind you, you will also see different areas of Yangon city centre. In order to get the most out of your stay, it is a good idea to have a fairly extensive travel guidebook that gives you the backdrop to what you see, or even better, a real travel guidebook that can take you through the highpoints.

Surely after your breakfast trip you will long for some lunch and drinks after the hot weather in Yangon. We suggest a detour to Rangoon Teahouse, located at the intersection of Merchant Road and Sule Pagoda Road. Visit Hla Day, a gift store located in the immediate vicinity of Rangoon Tea House, which offers a range of uniquely made by groups from all over Myanmar.

Following a savoury luncheon, it is visiting the Aung San Musuem just off Kandawgyi Park to find out more about the Yangon and Myanmar area. It is by far the best Yangon heritage centre and really throws lights on the unbelievable story of the state. To those who do not know, General Aung San is considered a Myanmar heroes and was the chief post-war Myanmar-builder.

Murdered in the secretarial building (where you will have been this morning), he is the sire of Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar's present guide. It is always a pleasure to go to a visit to a museum and that is certainly the case in Yangon. Head to Peoples Park, just a 20 minute drive by cab or on foot from the school.

It is home to the Shwedagon Pagoda, probably the most important monuments of Myanmar. But before you go to the Shwedagon Pagoda, it is definitely a good idea to take the opportunity to explore the perfectly maintained area. We already wrote a diary about the Shwedagon Pagoda, so we'll let you guys know this, but of course it's something very unique and one of the high points of any trip to Myanmar.

After a light topic for the afternoon, this place is located in General Aung San's old offices and offers some delicious Myanmar food on a very full mealplan. It' a felony to come to Myanmar and not try Mohingya. Whilst some people don't find early birds soups very attractive, believe us that they are definitely a worthwhile way to try them.

The Bogyoke Aung San Market is located in the center of Yangon and is an institute. The 50 km long Circle Line railway from Yangon leaves from the center of the city and drives gradually towards the edge of the city before it returns and stops every few seconds to let in and out commuteers.

This complete cycle lasts about 3 hrs and is a good way to see Yangon in its totality. Here we are, our recommendation for your next trip to Yangon. Yangon has poor road conditions, so make sure you have enough to get from place to place.

We have designed our route to avoid as much transportation as possible, but it's still rewarding to think about it.

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