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Cities in Myanmar. Please click on the map for a larger view. Journey to Yangon through our best Yangon Travel Maps. Catch the best of Yangon with a real expert. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, view screenshots and learn more about Yangon Travel Guide with Offline City Street Map.

Travel map of Yangon, tourist map of Yangon

the huge panorama of pagodas that can be seen from almost everywhere in the city centre. Shwedagon is a great place to find out more about Yangon with its wealth of heritage and excellent architecture. City of Yangon is a vibrant harbor of culture where you can find the Chinese Burmese handwriting in the Chinese city, while the streets of India are full of market places and flavorful caterers.

Situated on the opposite side of the Yangon river, Twante is now a very frequent place to venture into the country lives of Yangon. It is a small city that allows cyclists to admire small, lesser known mountain peaks and dirt tracks through picturesque streets. The Thanlyin is a perfect place for a half-day excursion for those who want to see the handwriting of the Portuguese Church and some exceptional crafts such as the production of dried cod, ceramics.

Would you like to use a map of Yangon efficiently?

It is the biggest town and one of the most important travel destination in Myanmar. This town and its surroundings are full of places of interest and attraction. When you are travelling alone, it is important for you to have a card from Yangon to make your journey cheaper and easier.

This is where you will find all the useful hints on how to use the Yangon card efficiently. Which kind of Yangon card should you use? Either a street map or a visitor (or both) can be selected. First one is suited for long car journeys, especially outside the town. This is useful for sightseeing tours.

As a rule, it shows the sights and places of interest around the town of Yangon. It is usually available from your travel agent or from hotel and hostel lobby. Maps of Yangon Myanmar? This map will help you in planning your trip to Myanmar. If you want to take a bike ride through the town of Yangon, for example, you will find on the map what you want to see, the distances between them, the most comfortable streets to get there and places to eat or relax in and around them.

The information will help you calculate the travel times and even the costs of your journey. Yangon is a very competitive cab rate, according to your travel itineraries and negotiating skills. Itineraries to the city's main sights such as Shwedagon Pagoda will be more expensive than others. You may know, on the basis of the map of Yangon, which is the best way to get a better rate and how long you will travel by cab to make deals at a decent rate.

Below are important characteristics of a shared map of Yangon Myanmar and an explanatory note. You stand in front of the Sue Panda, on Maha Bandoola Street, for example; you just select the Panda on the map of Yangon to know exactly where you are. To go from one place only to another like Sue Pagode to Shwedagon Pagode, you only need to plan this itinerary.

When there are several places you want to go to, you should arrange your trip so that you can get to them as quickly as possible. Using the map index Take into account the map's size to help you calculate your travel times, and if you need more than you expect, you can check your map again.

The Yangon map in your hands allows you to travel comfortably through the town and visit the best sights such as Shwedagon Pagoda, Sue Pagoda, Kandawgyi Lake, Chinatown, Bogyoke Aung San Market, etc. It' hard to say what the best trips in Myanmar are like........ What's the best way to get to Bagan from Yangon?

Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay and Inle Lake are four touristic attractions..... Myanmar, the enchanting land with breathtaking nature, wonderfully gold-plated..... "There' s nothing to see in Myanmar", "Myanmar is just..... After five years of Myanmar's opening to the.....

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