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Tailor-made itinerary for those who have little time! This can be a day trip from Yangon or an overnight stay. From the pulsating city of Yangon to the temple-filled plains of Bagan, this short but instructive route will take you to the heart of the city. Are you planning a trip to Yangon (Rangoon)? Create a plan with the Yangon (Rangoon) travel planner and get the right plan for your holiday.

Perfect 2-day trip for Yangon

Although Yangon is no longer the main trading centre of Myanmar, it is still its biggest and most important trading centre. The face of the town has changed dramatically in recent years with the opening of Myanmar to the outside of it. In the meantime, the old run-down vehicles have been superseded by the latest styles, while trendy pubs and speciality shops have appeared throughout the town.

If you are here on a week-end excursion or if you want to orientate yourself before you leave for Bagan or Mrauk U, here is a route suggestion for Yangon, which you can easy do. It is a town of at least two days' duration with its abundance of churches, fairs and many rural monuments.

In Yangon, the summers from March to May can be very warm, with sub-zero sub-zero afternoons. It is not a recommended period to go to Yangon. It is best to walk around the town in the mornings when it is relatively cold.

For example, in winters it is about 18° C in the mornings, but in the afternoons it can reach 32 C, so a glass of sun cream is practical in any case. Coming from 1867, the gardens offer a good view of the Sule Pagoda, the Town Hall and the Sakura Tower (the highest in Yangon ) in the area.

You have the best view of the panorama from one of the roof bar at candlelight. The town hall is directly opposite the Sule Pagode. Yangon City Hall has also adopted different colours over the years. When I came here, it was amber.

Eastwards of the Town Hall are several other remarkable edifices, such as the Supreme Court with its impressive reddish brickwork façade and the ministerial building in which Aung San was murdered in 1947. The most luxury of these hotels in the legendary Strand Park Resort - a historic resort that competes with the Raffles in Singapore and the Western and Middle Ages in Penang.

After lunch is a good day to discover Yangon's busy Chinatown. It is situated on the opposite side of the city centre - just south of Sule Pagoda from 18-24. street. It would be a good day to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda (entrance 10.000 Kyat; opening hours: 5.00 am to 10.00 pm), Yangon's most popular touristic area.

This is a 27 ton piece of pure golden leaves and contains many gems. Finish your first evening in Yangon with a drinking session with a magnificent view of the town. The Yangon Yangon Roof Top Bars in Sakura Tower overlooking the Sule Pagode or the Vista Bars closest to the Shwedagon Aisle.

You can either go 20 min on foot from the square or take a brief cab trip to the impressive Mariendom. Constructed in 1910, the Catholics' church supplements the brickwork facades that characterize many of Yangon's architectural colonies. When you have free travel on the Yangon Circular Railway, it is an eye-catching sight in the city's local traffic.

All in all it will take about 3 hrs, but a drive past some stops would be enough. An example is from Yangon Central to Pyay Road Station in town. Look for some shadow from the midday sun at Kandawgyi Lake. This area of Yangon is a quiet haven from the turbulence of the city centre and is home to the caraveik or a reproduction of the King's bar.

Making the Chauk Htat Kyi Pagoda your last touristic stop of the bus. When you have an additional night in Yangon, you should rent a cab to take you to Bago for more temple. Budgets - The rooms at Hotel Bahosi are neat and air-conditioned. Mid-range - There are several mid-range choices in the town, but one of the few internationally accepted standard is the colorful Ibis Styles Yangon.

Deluxe - Pan Pacific Yangon recently opened as the newest 5-star Yangon resort. Rooms are fluffy and tailored to today's traveller.

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