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Discover the rich heritage of Yangon and find information about local restaurants, art and culture, attractions and more near the luxury hotel in Myanmar. The Yangon airport is the main starting point for trips to Myanmar. Discover Yangon for a few days and you too will see why it is such a unique destination that no traveller should miss to Myanmar. Burma hotels and travel guides. The Yangon as a sign of peace, which literally means "no more enemies or dangers".

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You will see cabs roar past colorful farmhouses, long lunches crouching in front of the stalls and the ubiquitous beeping of the gold Stupa over the skyline. For those who love teas, you must go to a tee house and try the lettuce! When you want something a little more powerful, meet the natives at a Myanmar brewery, where you will usually find someone willing to practise their English with a traveler.

Sule Paya is a flawless icon for the development of Yangon and is a classic buddhistic Stupa, which now lies in the middle of a pulsating inner city isle. Shwedagon is often the show stealers of many Yangon temples: their gold stupas are unmistakable as they ascend from the top of Singuttara Hill, and the way the sun set illuminates the pit in jewel colors is simply breathtaking.

Myanmar National Museum, near the Shwedagon Pagoda, is a good way to learn about Myanmar's past and present, although it can help you get your own flare during a sojourn. The artefacts are pathetically underexposed. The Bogyoke Aung San Markt is located in the centre of the city centre. It is your starting point for all your old and cheesy souvenir items, but for a less touristic taste you can go to any of the stands on the other side of the street and go shopping with the people.

From Yangon's busy inner cities, take the Circular Train, a three-hour commuting tour to and from neighboring countryside towns. If your tummy begins to rattle, there won't be a lack of grub around here. Everywhere in the town there are peddlers offering morning and evening seafood, tasty thokes, shan-to-fu soups and cool yoghurt beverages.

When all you need is some refreshments, keep your ear open to the ringing of the bells: you are signalling to a near-by sugar cane juicer who often attaches a bell to the wheels of his old-fashioned steel compactor. One of the favourite places is the 19nd floor, where you can try a range of delicious outdoor dishes and rinse down with a good glass of cool Myanmar beers at one of the many favourite beerstations.

For a more relaxing experience, head to the Fiftyth Street Café and Bar for Diner. Here are 10 things you won't find in the Myanmar guide!

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