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Convents are the foundation of Burmese society and even in Yangon life is focused on Buddhist rituals. You can find further information under Zika Travel Information. See fares and ticket offers for flights from Miami, FL to Yangon, Myanmar. Miami travel information to Yangon. Yangon visitors should not miss the opportunity to explore China Town.

Trip information for Yangon (Rangoon)

The Bagan Balloon offers you a great panorama look over the Bagan Islands in Myanmar. Yangon has been re-named Yangon and is no longer the capitol of Myanmar, but it still bears part of its former settlement and hosts the glorious Shwedagon Pagoda. Yangon is surprising to see the beautiful city centre and the old manor house in the diplomats' district, testimony to the former UK influence.

They can also see the high-contrast yet graphic display of how seriously the Myanmar population takes its Buddhaist beliefs when they see the ubiquitous flow of laity Buddhism taking sacrifices to the temple.

Rangoon: All you need to know to visit Myanmar

However, please be aware that the debate on 1 November 2016 was adjourned for further contributions and some of the information herein may therefore be out of date and cannot currently be commentated by travellers. Include this in your travel arrangements. Expect to spend about 10 to 2 week in Myanmar to reach the Big Four goals - Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake and Bagan.

Apart from domestic air travel, transportation is sluggish, the streets are rugged, the track is distorted and the vessels need the whole workday. Obtain your visum in advanced, as there is no entry permit except for Yangon businessmen. All Myanmar travelers' passports are available at Myanmar diplomatic missions and councils around the globe or at the Myanmar diplomatic missions in Bangkok (two-day service).

At the moment you have to go to Myanmar. The majority of our guests come from Bangkok, Singapore or Kualar Lumpur. Myanmar will not have a mobile phone and few places have Wi-Fi. Whilst there are cyber caf├ęs with low-speed links, you' ll be out of contact' for a while. Instead, you should keep a diary or speak to other travellers or natives.

The other half is converted into national currencies. Without an ATM and nowhere to redeem traveller's checks, go to the new Yangon bureau of bureau de change, where half a dozen commercial bankers will change your US dollar (or euro or Singapore dollar) into the Chinese people.

Featuring brick in national currencies and a few US dollars, don't miss the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon, the one-legged canoeists on Inle Sea, the Temple of Bagan and the old cities around Mandalay. You can use a travel agent such as Slow Burma Travel or call when you get there to book your room.

Help your community by spending the night in family-run inns, dining where the natives dine, and keeping away from the larger tourist companies that have ties to the former army regimes. You must be respectful of the natives and their cultures. Burma is not a marshland.

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