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You can find official government information on travel to Burma at the following links:. It is Royal Brunei Airlines' recommendation that passengers carry relevant travel documents with them, take the necessary medication on board and speak to our staff if necessary. This is a complete guide through Myanmar (highlight: Yangon and Mrauk U). "I couldn't find it at the US Travel Administration. Dealing with traveler's diarrhea.

Singapor publishes travel advice on violent events in Rakhine state

Singapore: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) released a travel consultation on Saturday (September 2) following violence in Myanmar's northern Rakhine state. "Singaporians should refrain from unnecessary travel to the Maungdaw township, Rathedaung and Buthidaung and rethink travel to other parts of northern Rakhine state," MFA said. "Whilst touristic attractions in Rakhine state such as Ngapali beaches and the historical places of Mrauk U are not affected, the Singaporean are strongly recommended to be careful, as the safety conditions can quickly worsen.

The MFA recommended that the Singaporeans currently in Rakhine State or traveling to Myanmar should maintain vigilance and make the necessary arrangements for their own security, which included close surveillance of messages sent locally and compliance with orders from them. MFA encourages these Singaporeans to sign up with MFA and keep in contact with their families and boyfriends.

You should also have full travel and health cover and be acquainted with the conditions and cover, he added. For those in need of emergency diplomatic support, please consult the Singapore Embassy in Yangon or the MFA Duty Office:

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From 1 March 2016, UK Air Passenger Duty (APD) exempts UK citizens between 12 and 15 years of age. Travellers who book on-line can claim a reimbursement of APD taxes by calling the respective reservation centre or Global Contact Centres. It is currently not possible to book more than six persons on-line.

For more information, please do not hesitate to ask your reservation agency. It is currently not possible to reserve more than four persons on-line. For more information, please do not hesitate to ask your reservation agency. Children under two years of age do not have their own seats for onlinebooking. If you want to reserve a place for small children, or if your child turns two during the journey, please consult your reservation centre.

When you book a trip for unaccompanied minors, please review the operator's ages before making the reservation.

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