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Non-nationals travelling on the Yangon-Naypyitaw-Mandalay motorway should be careful because of the high risk of fatal accidents. TRIP TOURISM The WORST Travel Experience of My Life - The Overnight Train from Bagan to Yangon: Common tips for traveling in Southeast Asia that will help you travel smarter and experience the best backpacking adventure! Passengers should complete these forms during the flight to Yangon and submit them on arrival. Advice on malaria prophylaxis is always difficult to give.

Burma travel advice General information

This information is for information only if you choose to travel to Myanmar before or after your dives. If you go scuba-diving in Burma, you will not go to the Myanmar capitol or anywhere else in the far northern hemisphere. No Myanmar (Burma) Myanmar scuba certification is required, you do not need to fly to Myanmar, nor do you need to know any of the information below.

If you make a dive excursion to the Mergui Archipelago in Mynamar, we will make all the preparations and you will leave and go back to Thailand. Burma is serviced by:: You' re in Yangon with straight lines of air: Cruisers dock in the port of Yangon and visas are issued upon your arrivals by appointment.

More information about liveaboards to the Mergui Archipelago in southern Myanmar can be found under Diving Spots. Kyukoke, Namkhan and Muse on the Myanmar - Yunnan interface (China) and Tachileik, Myawaddy and Kawthaung on the Myanmar - Thailand interface (Ranong where the diving vessels depart). Visas are needed for all travelers and business people who are admitted to Myanmar's embassies and consulates-general abroad.

The tourist and commercial visas are 28-day, extendable to 14 day for tourist and 3 month for corporate travelers. Arrival visa and EVT. It is a method specifically developed for travelers living in a land where there is no Myanmar embassy. Travelers are sending the necessary information to an authorised tour operator who will take care of all the formalities in Myanmar.

Facilitated processes make sure that foreign travellers are quickly cleared by migration and custom on arrivals and departures.

There is a limousine service counter in the arrivals area. There is an US $10 FEC (Foreign Exchange Certificates) rate for air travel. You do not have to pay taxes on internal air travel. There are duty free shops in the departures and arrivals halls of Yangon Internacional Airports.

The Yangon office is operated by a number of major airline companies. You will find touristic information in the arrival hall of Yangon Airport; headquarters in Yangon city centre, Sule Pagoda Road 77-91 (Tel: 95-1-252859); Bagan Office (Tel: 95-1-252859): Mandalay Office (Tel: 95-2-60356, 02-60357) at Mandalay Swan Hotel; Taunggyi Office (Tel: 95-081-21611, 95-081-21302) at Taunggyi Hotel; Kawthaung Office; Tachileik Office and Muse Office.

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