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The Yangon Travel Guide contains the most important sights and activities in Yangon, things to try and where you can eat and drink in Yangon. An index of travel guides, blogs, books and accommodation for Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). These are our best Yangon travel tips. Breakfast at the hotel followed by a full day city tour of Yangon. Yangon is a city frozen in time, a spirit of Asia's past.

Yangon, Myanmar Travel Tips

It is a commentary by Karen Bortvedt, a girlfriend and intended traveller, with hints from her last journey to Myanmar. Yangon, the former Myanmar city, formerly Burma, formerly Taungoo (and this story could go on) is a intriguing mix of old houses that have remained the same for almost a hundred years, as well as contemporary caf├ęs and pubs.

Yangon's present location, once the most neo-copolitical town in the area, is as intriguing as its past. Yangon is used as a transport hub by many travellers who take one of the many overnight busses to Inla Lake, Mandalay or Bagan. Yangon is definitely more than just a second look.

Swedagon Pagoda is probably the city's biggest attraction and it' definitely deserving a stop. The Bogyoke Aung San Mark is another must in Yangon. It is a full service block selling store. It is a brief excursion from Yangon and is home to a few tens of imposing couples, lunging Buddha's and the old castle - a copy, but still impressing to see.

Riders know the many monasteries and know where the tourist want to go. One, which was definitely a visit for more than one time, for value, ambience and flavor, was Shan Noodle 999. Situated behind the town council, they offer tasty and very inexpensive cuisine. They eat well, the rates are slightly higher than the other two, and the atmosphere is similar to any hipsters in the US, but these samosas are almost a flight card worthy of further help.

ATM machines now appear to be available in Yangon and are spending Kie. The majority of facilities are able to fractionate the amount of invoices that ATM' give, but still the main currencies are still money. Some have said that ATM machines do not allow withdrawals to US bank card issuances related to the army, but this is an anecdote.

Taxi services are the most important means of transport for Yangon's visitors. In contrast to some Asiatic lands, where the population is sick and tired of tourism, Yangon seems to have the most beautiful general population. And the colours and the hustle and bustle in Yangon are just waiting and watch. At this point Yangon has a large selection of accommodation.

Supposedly it is one of the more costly S.E. Asiatic towns; but you can find reasonable places, some may be further outside the city's mecca. Do you need accommodation in Yangon? Sign up now to receive our free checklist for international trips and other unique information on how you can increase your travels, make a difference and make a difference in the way you do it.

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