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Discover Yangon holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. Yangon Independent Travel Guide, with up-to-date information about guesthouses and hotels, attractions and tips on travel, schedules and more. Guide to Yangon (Rangoon). When you have an extra day in Yangon, you should venture beyond the city limits to explore the surroundings. And Yangon is just one of the places you can visit on your tailor-made trip to Burma.

Three-day trip to Yangon: TripAdvisor travel guide

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Yangon is 21 NM from the center of the Yangon and 11 NM from the Rankgoon Internacional Airports, 45 min from the center of Rankgoon and 24 min from the IATA.

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Dialy travel guide for Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar, formerly and still known as Burma, is quickly becoming a new destination in Southeast Asia. I think it is right, because the state has a living story that is mirrored in the way we live, the way we live, the way we live, the architecture and the way we eat. Yangon, once the main town of Myanmar, is now the biggest town in the land with 5.2 million population.

Wherever you begin your trip through Myanmar, you will certainly have to make a stop in Yangon. You may not know many things before you arrive in Myanmar, such as why many roads with small spots of colour are strewn on the floor or why humans are wearing "dirt" on their faces.

There can be a lot of transport around the city's major thoroughfares, so it is best to either remain near the Sule Pagoda in the centre of Yangon to be able to stroll around and visit the most important sight. Or, if you want to escape the hectic pace, place your mind near the shimmering Shwedagon Pagoda and People's Park.

Buses are a greater challange because the town is so big. On long-haul journeys I suggest JJ Express or Elite Bus, as both are very convenient and as there is a new motorway across the countryside, you will have a pleasant trip to Bagan in the north of Myanmar.

You' ll have plenty to do and see, even if you spend a few nights in the city, you won't tire of strolling the highways. First, you will like the 2,500-year-old Shwedagon Pagoda because of its imposing dimensions, hundred of gilded stupas, shrines and sculptures, and the atmosphere you find as a local and tourist in this area.

It is one of the miracles of the religious life, and you will be spending a whole afternoons exploring the corners and corners of the Mt. The sunset is an astonishing moment to be here, as you are drawn into the festive ambience when humans adore the sculptures, offer flowers or perform meditation.

Obviously, you need to get around downtown Yangon. You can either participate in one of the Yangon Free Walking Tours or start on your own. Stop at the Sule Pagoda and enjoy the bustling streets around the pagoda, go for a stroll on the Bogyoke Aung San Market, admire the old train station, see the colonial English style along Strand Road and see the more secluded Pansodan Gallery, where you can see interesting works of art, and there are always great places to hang out and talk to.

Just off the well-trodden paths is Kandawgyi Lake, a quiet haven if you want to get out of the mess of downtown Yangon. One of the two large Yangon ponds, it is surrounded by evergreen vegetation and has a beautiful lakeside promenade for walking. You' ll be watching folks training, and from here you'll also have a great distant look at the Shwedagon Pagoda, especially chilly when the day goes down, and the Pagoda is lit up.

Around the lakeside there are a few cafes to enjoy drinking and relaxing. In about 3 hrs this slowly moving car will take you through the town. You will not only get to know the town, but also the nearby towns and landscapes, refreshing market towns and genuine Myanmar people.

Generally, the Myanmar community is very open and inquisitive about learning from overseas, so they will not be afraid to call you. As Myanmar is affected by all its neighbours India, China and Thailand, the flavours and meals of its kitchen are almost as varied and adventure. Hygiene, especially at roadside stands, is not always the best thing, you just have to be careful and look for places where there are many places, so that the sales of groceries are high and it does not lie around for long, but is prepared fresh and cooks well.

The best choice when it comes to tasting a wide range of foods at reasonable prices is the area between 18 and 24 Street in Chinatown. It' packaged at daybreak, when local people and tourists pour into the street and grocers offer their own produce, meats and seafood for cooking!

When you reach this road bordered by China restaurant, just choose your brochettes and your meals will be prepared fresh for you. Yangon's night life also pulsates here. Whether it' s breakfasts, lunches or dinners, a tour through Yangon gives you the chance to get to know the locals cuisine and people firsthand.

When you are on Inya lake, another large Yangon sea, and enjoying wholesome, non-greasy foods, the Green Elephant Restaurant is the best choice. You will find mainly Myanmar and Thailand cuisine on the menus, but be sure to order little or no more. There' s a beautiful patio where you can relax and eat.

Everybody knows the Strand Hotel in Yangon, a place where past and present come together and one of the most luxury of the city. In Yangon there are some cheap places with many more that appear every months as the flow of tourists seems to increase. I love this wonderful fashionably boutiqued youth hostel in Sanchaung Township near the Shwedagon Pagoda.

The Merchant Arts Boutique Hôtel is lush with greenery, full of one-of-a-kind artwork and only a five-minute stroll from Shwedagon Pagoda. Shangri-La Yangon Sule is a 7 minute stroll from Bogyoke Aung San Market and Sule Pagode. Our clients also have free WiFi internet connection in our luxurious hotels. Shangri-La Yangon Sule is a 10 minute car ride from Shwedagon Pagoda, the National Museum and China Town.

The Yangon International Baghdad International is 30 minutes away by car. Arrival in Yangon and check-in at your accommodation. It will take a while to get from the international airports to the center, especially as the downtown area is very busy. Wear your comfortable footwear and take a stroll through the streets in the afternoons.

See colorful architectural styles, the Sule Pagoda, the City Hall and Yangon Region Court, Yangon Central Railway Station, Bogyoke Aung San Market, the National Museum, stop for a cup of warm teas or tealeafs.

Use the scenic route to see a little more of Yangon than just the centre of the town. Begin at 9:30 and you'll be back in town for dinner. In the morning we go to the Shwedagon Pagoda. A walk through the many churches will fill your whole afternoons, staying until the sun sets to sense the particular atmosphere and see the pagoda with the black skies in the background.

Soak up the mornings on a stroll around Lake Kandawgyi or Inya, have a cup of tea or a few tasty sandwiches before setting off for your next stop. You will need a Myanmar travel document that will be issued at least six month after your sojourn. The majority of countries must obtain a tourist visas that is 90 from the date of issuance and allows you to remain for 28 nights (one time entry) from the date of your departure.

It' US$50 and you can only spend the night with hotels and lodging companies. Some Myanmar border crossings do not allow individuals to register with eVisas. You will have less problems when you arrive in the major centres of Yangon or Mandalay.

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