Yangon Train Station Phone number

The Yangon Railway Station Telephone Number

Bottom is the outside view of the same train. Yangon's downtown station off Pansodan and Bogyoke Aung San Roads is the best place to board. You will be issued a paper ticket on your behalf at the station. There are men and women charging phones at Yangon Central Station.

The Yangon Main Station in Yangon, Myanmar

The Yangon main station, in the centre of Yangon, is the biggest station in Myanmar. This is the gate to Myanmar Railways' 3,126-mile long train system that stretches across Upper Burma, the hinterland, the Shan Mountains and the Taninthayi coastline. It was first constructed by the Brits in 1877, but in 1943 it was demolished by the retiring Brits.

Today's station, which was built in the typical Myanmar architecture using the local stepped rooftops, named pyattat, was finished in 1954 and planned by U Tin. The Yangon main station has been a listed monument since 1996. The Yangon Municipality in December 2007 announces a blueprint that will move Yangon Centrally to an East Dagon 32 kilometers from the citycenter.

The Yangon Circular Train in Yangon, Myanmar

The Yangon Circular Train is a locomotive that travels along the Yangon Circular Trainway, the urban train system that operates in the Yangon area. The train travels 20 trains with around 200 wagons with 100,000 to 150,000 sales a day. Traveling by train, especially on the Yangon Round Train, is a wonderful way to explore a cross-section of the city.

Along with the busses, the train is widely used by low-income commuteers, as it is the least expensive mode of transport in Yangon. The Yangon Circular Train and Trainway System was constructed by the British during the British Age. Construction of the double-track railroad began in 1954. The Ministry of Railways in July 2011 announces the privatisation of the Yangon Circular Trainway, as the state system is operating at a deficit for the state.

Ticket fares have been kept low due to government grants, creating conditions for travellers to see Yangon Tours on board domestic coaches. The Japan International Cooperation Agency began working with the Yangon City Development Committee in December 2012 to draw up a Yangon metropolitan area development blueprint, which includes the question of urban transportation.

The train rides have since been more accessible to the locals. There are 39 train terminals in the Yangon River valley, connecting many parts of Yangon by train. The Yangon chart of the train is shown on the right with the rough locations of the train stops. Grinding usually starts from Yangon Central Railway Station to Railway Station near Yangon International Airport, via Insein in the North, and Okkalapa in the South.

A number of large train yards of the Yangoncular Train are as follows. In Yangon, if you arrive by train, don't overlook this: If you are coming by train, don't miss to write it all down: The Yangon train runs from 6:10 to 17:10 every day and costs about 2$/Pax. You can buy train tickets at all train stops.

At Yangon Centraal Station 7 you can buy tickets at a small cash desk on the station board. Departures from Yangon station are shown on the right (highly recommendable as some commentaries on departures on the web are inaccurate). The note "R" points to the east at Yangon station, i.e. counterclockwise, and "L" is the opposite of it.

" Getting to Yangon Circular Train Station? Yangon's Pansodan and Bogyoke Aung San Roads stations are a great place to be. You may need to purchase Yangon Circular Line seats in Person (or through a local agent) on Track 7. He is a very kind station man, waiting in his little cabin, can talk English properly, show him your train station pass and then get his exact boarding instruction.

Hopefully the mail will be a useful guide for you to take a beautiful Yangon Circular Train trip!

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