Yangon Train Station

The Yangon Train Station

Yangon Circular Train (Yangon (Rangoon)) - 2018 All you need to know before you go (with photos) You sure you want to clear this issue? I rented a vehicle that took us from Insein to our destination....

it is worth visiting Insein nkt..... there are both the damp and the damp nkt..... the damp nkt was an adventure..... let me go through my photo gallery and also pass my route via perssps.... if is your journey to Yaman?

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The whole good shit in the area. Train personnel will show you the way in the right directions. The only thing is that you need Wi-Fi or a real-life simulation. You sure you want to remove this response?

Ride the Yangon Circle Line Train in Myanmar

With only one US Dollars, you can enjoy the real heart of Yangon's locals as you journey through the city's countryside for three hour. Whilst Yangon is a fast-moving, messy town to get around in, the Circle Line train ride offers an insight into the everyday lives of the Myanmar population away from the mainstream.

Arriving at Yangon station, the train attendants will immediately guide you in the right directions as you travel through the old stations, rust outdated train carriages and leave your family asleep. Using hand-written train timetables and passanger listings recorded in old hard copy guides, seated in the offices is like a journey back in history, as your classic car tickets are properly labeled and you walk across the rails to the appropriate train station that' s waiting for the journey.

A 9-kilometer route with 39 stops forming a bend around Yangon. If you stop at each station for just a minute or two, you climb a few seconds further and carry more things around than you can pack into a medium-sized trunk. Then the train will return to Yangon station before continuing the same trip all morning until the early afternoons.

As you drive through more train stops, the scenery changes from urban concretes to rice paddies and rural towns, and the more travellers the train takes. Native women are sitting quietly with their napkins (one of them gave me a lollipop, just like your grandmother gave you a lollipop on a long train ride), friars are staring out of the windows quietly, keen grocers are wandering through the coach trying to satisfy every passenger's appetite and desire quickly, and many are sitting quickly beside you just to start a talk - you may be the only or one of the few aliens they've ever had intercourse with.

Giant bags of groceries are piled up between the humans like a kitchen orchard, while the train attendant inactively watches the excitement at his reserved place on the back. Until you know it, the train takes you to the next stop and the theater where your car has been exchanged for a new scenery as a whole new bunch of mystical luggage and new personalities arrive for the next phase of the game.

But the trip itself is one-of-a-kind, not only because you can interactively experience the local people and their everyday life, but because this is really an undaunted urban experience..... and the best value you can get from a buck in Yangon. Yangon Circle train runs from Yangon Central Station from 8:30 am and every 45 min up to one hr from platform 6 and 7.

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