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Tourist attractions in Yangon

If your itinerary allows, book a flight to Yangon and leave Mandalay (or vice versa). You' ll enjoy the three famous sights of Yangon. Though no longer the capital of Myanmar, the city of Yangon remains its cultural and commercial center. Browse hundreds of travel sites at once for hotels in Yangon. Today Yangon, formerly Rangoon, is the largest city and former capital of Myanmar.

Myanmar's 4 emerging tourist hotspots

Would you like to come to Myanmar and see something other than Bagan and Inle Lake? These are some of Myanmar Tourism Marketing's latest blogs: Hwy 4 between Inle Lake and Keng Tung in East Shan State is considered one of the most beautiful stretches in Myanmar, and the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism recently made it possible to obtain a visa.

A relatively small number of westerly travellers have taken the street, which takes travellers closer to breathtaking natural surroundings and old-fashioned rural-villages. Situated near the Lao frontier, Keng Tung was once part of the Thai empire of Lanna and offers a mixture of Thai, Chinese, Wa and Shan civilizations. Bago Yoma woods, or mountains, are home to a significant species of elephants.

Bago Yoma Eco Resort in the township of Pauk Kaung is trying to open the area to the tourist industry, which will hopefully lead to supporting grassroots work to protect the elephants. Arakan Nature Lodge, which opened on the coast in October, is intended to draw visitors who want to experience the beaches in an "environmentally conscious, cultureally sensible way".

It is known for its crystalline waters and the lack of garbage. At the beginning of this monthly, the huge building, once the centre of Britain's Colonies and the seat of Myanmar's first parliamentary assembly, was opened 21 days a week to the general public. 2 4-hour visits were made to the city. Asia Tunis Myanmar offers these trips for only US$6 per group.

The Thingyan Water Festival experience in Yangon, Myanmar

There is no doubt, Myanmar is a wonderful land. During the Thingyan Water Festival we visited Yangon this year. No less! This water festival lasts four nights and is an ideal opportunity to explore Myanmar. There' are also many tourist attractions, apart from the fact that they are naturally drenched to the bones!

It' really been a very good one. Our lodging, the Melia Yangon Hotell, made it even more comfy. The 5-star resort is 15 min from the town centre, 10 min from Shwedagon Pagoda and 20 min from the Aiport. It' linked to the new Myanmar Plaza commercial centre and has a wonderful view of the lakes.

Its great position made it simple to live and, more importantly, to take part in it. Burma has a difficult past behind it, but it is a rapidly growing political and economic nation after its liberalisation. Now, visitors can come from everywhere to see the beautiful attractions, the wealth of Myanmar's cultural heritage and lovable population.

The DIY travel guide to Yangon, Myanmar with a detailed description of the Yangon travel budge. We had a real Yangon feeling, beginning with the Yangon Circle Line Train Tour that Thahara had made. Sometimes it is easier to hold on to the tourist places. However, you never really reach a goal if you are not immersed in real people.

That' exactly what we have - an genuine experiment. So we took the suburban railway and set out from the town to the small cities off the well-trodden paths. Of course, not everyone who comes to Yangon gets to see what we have seen - what a pleasure!

All of a sudden we were in the midst of an area. When we saw Chinatown, Little India and the lively greengrocery market, stores and spirit places in operation, it was as if Yangon was opening up to us. Not only were we spectators - we were part of the hustle and bustle of the city! Of course it was in a typical Yangon restaurants, where we were offered beautiful meals, which are also serviced in the many homes around Yangon every day.

There' so much to see in and around Yangon. We began our trip by exploring Yangon city centre - what a colourful place! There were also wonderful places in the surrounding temple and church, as well as many colleonials. The Bogyoke Markt - A large bazar in the centre of Yangon, full of vertiginous road dinners, over 2000 stores, some rural architectural style and inner paved avenues.

We' re fortunate to have the native leader from Thahara - it' s much simpler to steer, all around this vast area! Myanmar is costly? Travelling in Myanmar is only as much as you do. View our listing of low priced locations / Backpackers in Myanmar here. Yangon's entrance fee is usually around $5. Schnapps is inexpensive - $1. 50 per tank.

What is the best season to come to Myanmar? Myanmar is best visited between November and February. -How many nights does it take you to get to know Yangon? Afterwards you will drive to other nice places like Bagan, Hsipaw, Mandalay, Naloy and Inle Lake. Taxi's are pricey and don't have a counter.

Coaches can also be a torment, especially when travelling outside Yangon. Sometimes busses leave from touristic places at godforsaken times, when everything is shut down. Some places you have to do it, but luckily the more loved ones don't need security. It' s common in Yangon and Mandalay, but you'll have a tough English communication outside.

The best way is to improve or study a few words or sentences in the native tongue. Accommodation has WiFi as well as many hotels and bars, especially in the touristic areas. How is it best to get to Myanmar? There' s a road link between Thailand and Myanmar, but this trip is useless as you are only allowed to enter the area.

There is only one significant small hazard to health: the only one is the problem of contaminated foods, similar to any other place in Southeast Asia. No vaccination is necessary to get into Myanmar. TIP FOR RENTING tip for renting a car: We always try to hire our own vehicle so that we can drive off the well-trodden paths according to our own itinerary.

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