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Attractions in the center of the illicit wild animal trafficking

WWF Myanmar's survey shows that elephants and wild animals are widespread on Bogyoke Market and Shwedagon Pagoda - Yangon's favourite tourist area. Last September, 67 per cent of stores in Bogyoke Market and 30 per cent of stores in Shwedagon Pagoda were selling illicit elephants and other wild animals.

"Investigations at Bogyoke Market and Shwedagon Pagoda showed that most of the articles dealt in were based on ivories and most of the purchasers came from China," said a WWF Myanmar official, who wants to stay anonimous. The Bogyoke Market mostly sells accessory made of bone and elephants with a jadé, while in the Shwedagon Pagoda statue of ivories and other wild animals such as tortoiseshell crests were found.

"Under the four gateways of Shwedagon Woodenagoda. These are not for sale but are made available at the customer's request. At Bogyoke Market, objects made of elephants are on open sale," said the mate. Historically, Shwedagon was not inspected because it was a place of worship, but according to WWF research, wild animal parts are on sale in stores on the stairs of the Shwedagon.

"We will argue with the store owners to stop the deal, but if they go on and are found culpable during our inspection, we will take action," she said. Currently, the illicit wild animal trafficking is banned in many jurisdictions, and Myanmar's neighbor China has formally banned the wild animal trafficking on February 1. While China is fighting the illicit trafficking, Myanmar's wild animal markets could grow, WWF warned Myanmar.

"Everything, even wild animals and vegetation, is going to be wasted by China. Now China has banned trade in wild animals and this could move to Myanmar, and that is a danger to the continued existence of our country," the official added. Forest authorities and aggressively campaigning nationally with wild animal trade organisations to stop the crimes - such as the creation of education programs, billboarding, and surprising controls at tollbooths, restaurant and shop where illicit wild animal produce can be marketed.

Now we tell them not to serve game. "We will also keep the general population informed, and if they violate the laws, we will act," said Daw Khin Thida Tun, an official of the Yangon Forestry Commission.

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