Yangon Tourist places

Tourist Places of Yangon

The Aung San Market has recently become an important tourist attraction. Sights in 3 working day in Yangon Myanmar I' m in Burma, can you believe it? Yangon...

.I love you already! I had to walk with so many sights in Yangon, and only 3 to do it! Following a 50km trip from Almaty, Kazakhstan to Bangkok, Thailand, an awesome racing cab journey in the city centre of Bangkok, a run through the other Bangkok international airfield.... in Bangkok there are two Bangkok airfields known as? ).... a plane to Yangon and a cab trip over the Yangon River, I arrive at my Yangon hostal.

I was very happy to have reached the Yangon sun, peeling off my woolen stockings made for Kyrgyzstan and long woolen sons, putting on a hippy gown and going out to the road to eat something. It didn't take long since Yangon seems to be the center of Myanmar for cuisine.

In a few moments I sat on a small piece of synthetic footstool on a small synthetic desk and ate pasta with two old, accidentally even small, Myanmaras. During the remainder of the afternoons, we walked and ate in the street of Yangon, what is now called'streating'.

And I got astray, too, classical, but that was a good thing, because I just kept disturbing myself and everything was good. Next morning I woken up later, after I had fallen into a flight trip pandemic (my father would probably have asked me if I had wetted the place where I had been sleeping for so long), put on my sun cream because my appendage hadn't seen the light for 5 month, and went out into the city.

One good way to really see Yangon is to take the Yangon Circle Railway, an old (and very slow) railway line that circles the whole town. When I saw the Sule Pagoda and then a really neat garden, I headed to Botataung Pagoda, which lies on the banks of the Yangon River.

I' ve been bullied by a Buddha in Burma. Small Myanmar woman have small barefoot and while I don't have ski at the end of my leg or something, I need a small cover. Always strong, I had had a little bit to eat, more pasta on a small piece of synthetic footstool and continued.

Then I flew to a giant square and took the coach to Shwedagon Paya Tempel, the giant pit stop that is one of the most popular places in Yangon. For your information, it's the hottest day in Yangon! So I tidied up for her coming and settled down on our balconies to watch the alleys, drink beers, and hope that every cab was her.

Eventually I had a good impression about a cab, and then it was acknowledged when the backseat customer opened the doors and slammed that doors right into the back end of a neighboring car. So we went to dinner and Mimosa, found out that everything in Yangon switches off at 12:30 pm, and we were laughing and laughing and laughing.

Thought we' d done more than enough sight-seeing in Yangon to earn some snow, so Lizzie and I gobbled up half a pin of Buddha quicker than you can say, and we took a cab back to the guest house. After a break in the evenings, we went back on the road to get some refreshment and found a barbecue area.

Next mornings we four got up early to get to the Yangon coach terminal, which is not exactly convenient. We arrived early enough to have some pasta for breakfasts and find our beautiful coach to take us from Yangon and back down there.

For a while we were amused by the quilts and cushions provided, until we actually used the cushions and vanished into sleep. As I said before, I have eaten a great deal in Yangon. Fruits and vegetables are mad in Yangon, especially for me from the Kyrgyz Republic overwinter.

Traveling by coach in Yangon is a pleasure. Then we took the coach to the couch and the coach full of girls broke out laughing when aliens were on their way to Myanmar by means of MYT. Yangon's got crazy cars. Fortunately, Burma is a buddhistic land, so at least the locals are kind about it and there is no street fury you would have expected in less buddhistic places like Vancouver.

However, my cabby was astonishing and definitely grasped the urgent nature of the matter. That' s it for this Yangon Reiseblog, enjoying the images, especially the pork face! Will you be traveling to Yangon Burma?

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