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Tourist Places of Yangon

Swedagon Pagoda is the most spiritual place in Yangon. Many teahouses in the city offer more than just tea - they are great places to eat and stay with locals or just to watch. STILL OFTEN, YANGON, known under the colonial name Rangoon, is a city with different cultures and architectures. Its main temple is amazing, as are some of the other tourist attractions. Here we summarize all our best activities in Yangon.

The best places to go around Yangon One Day Yangon Tour

When we started our descend to Yangon, we looked out the airplane window and marveled at Myanmar before landing. We have a great tour of Yangon. First thing we saw was the large number of gold palagodas spread across the area. That definitely caused a stir, we had eventually made it to Yangon to start a fortnight's journey through a completely new world.

It is always thrilling to end up in a new destination, but even more so with Myanmar, because it only reopened its door to the tourist industry a few years ago. When we left the aiport it was 9.30 a.m., and even after an overnight stay in Australia we were prepared to start the sight-seeing of Yangon.

Yangon, also known as Rangoon, is the former capitol of Myanmar (Naypyidaw is today's capital). It is the biggest metropolis in the state with over five million people. The Yangon has a mixture of Myanmar, UK and China influence and you can see it everywhere. Myanmaragodas are spread all over the entire cityscape, but also include colorful houses, church, mosques and even a synaog.

Yangon has experienced an upswing in foreign investment and a following building booming with the opening of Myanmar to the tourist industry. Things are definitely going to look different in the face of the town, so I'm happy we didn't stay too long for our first time. As such a great town Yangon has many great rides to see.

The Yangon trip was absolutely unforgettable. The first stop was the Chaukhtatgyi pit stop. These pagodas are an open sheet metal and sheet metal shed with a 66 metre long and 17 metre high lying Buddha. The Buddha is one of the most adored in Myanmar and he is certainly impressing.

Clothed in a gold garment, the coronet is set with gems and diamond. A lot of believers respect the holocaust by prayer, cremation, burning incenses and giving gifts or gifts. There are some astonishing sights of the Shwedagon pit, which can be seen clearly above the sea.

Karaweik's swimming castle is also impressing, with its gold decoration reflected on the sea-face. The leader pointed to the Kandawgyi-Palast, the Iconian Yangon-Lodge, which had burned down just a few nights before our visit. We had a cosy meal in typical Myanmar food and check-in at our hotels, took a quick showers and headed with our tour leader to our next stop, the Bogyoke Aung San Market.

It is Yangon Prefecture Square, the biggest handicraft tourism town. There are over two thousand booths that sell everything from Burma crafts, clothes, jewellery, golds, sterling and jad. It is a shoppers heaven for visitors and it is simple to get lost in it! But remember that the markets are not air-conditioned, and the temperature was almost intolerable, even for me!

Mahabandoola Park is situated right next to the Sule Pagoda, the center of the town. It is also a beautiful place to go for a walk, as it is encircled by historical monuments such as the Town Hall, the High Court and the historical Rowe & Co shopping mall, which is now a banking group.

Although it is possible, we didn't go to the Sule Lagoon, but the exterior was amazing. This 46-metre long marble is fully gilt with its eight-sided pedestal and shines in the sun. The last, but also most impressing station was the Shwedagon pit stop. Brightening from its glittering shine, the dying sun light gives it a divine sheen.

Like any other Myanmar buddhistic sanctuary, you must take off your boots and stockings before you enter. Shwedagon is the most beautifull buddhistic pagoda we have seen so far, and we have been to some of them. There was no other place as lavish and stunning as the Shwedagon Pagoda.

It is not only the most wonderful, but also the holiest Buddhist place in Myanmar. The 99-metre high silhouette is over 2,500 years old and is dominating the town' s urban sprawl. It is unbelievable how much trouble and expense has been put into the construction of this cemetery. It is not only about the major stupa, the couch contains hundred of colourful shrines, stupas and sculptures.

Naturally a visit at sundown means that you will end the exploration at nocturnal, but after nightfall the gold coloured marquee glows and glows wonderfully against the sun. Overcrowded or not, this place is truly astonishing, and it is the climax of Yangon. So, if you only have a moment to see a place of interest in Yangon, make sure it is!

Unfortunately, this was the whole period in which we had to discover Yangon before we took the first plane to Bagan the next mornings. I expected Yangon to be just another big, busy town that I would not like, but she must have misjudged me. If you are planing or travelling to Myanmar, our travelling specialists are at your disposal, please contact us now.

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