Yangon Tourist places

Tourist Places of Yangon

Misterious Places in Yangon When you are an ex-pat who lives here, you may need to accommodate your visitors. In addition to the normal touristic attractions, a trip to these mystical places in Yangon will give you the feeling of being there. Once a year, on Martyrs' Day, the secretariat is one of the most important historical structures in the former city.

Inside, the general population may see the room in which the attack took place. The Thanlyin was the home of Philip de Brito, a Portugal merchant who in 1603 proclaimed liberty from his Rakhine champions and was speared in 1613 after the Myanmar Emperor Anaukpetlun reclaimed the town. De Brito was given this preferential consideration for violations of Buddhism.

On a bold move, De Brito Shwedagon had taken the Dhammazedi Belfry. The grave of De Brito is situated in the remains of the "Portuguese" temple, erected in 1749 by an apostle. There is no ceiling, but the wall of the cathedral is still high. Situated near Yangon Zoological Gardens, the amusement center was opened in 1998 and shut down around 2012.

But this 10-acre country is now off limits to the general population. The Lim Chin Tsong Palace was constructed by a Myanmar typhoon who earned his fortunes from the export of olive wood, paddy and gum in the Colonies. Formerly one of the most beloved men's club in Southeast Asia, the Pegu Club has a long tradition dating back to 1885.

This was the birth place of the famous Pegu Cocktail, the club's characteristic beverage, and although the place is now deserted and in a ruined state, the architectural and structural features are still intriguing. The Pegu at Zagawar Road (near Taw Win Centre), Dagon Township, Yangon.

Yangon, Myanmar Family Hotel - Winner Inn

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