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Tourist Places of Yangon

From Thilawa Port, this private tour offers visitors an incredible selection of sights in Yangon. Yangon is at the centre of a vibrant cultural, political and economic renaissance. Do wheelchairs exist at tourist attractions? Lake Kandawgyi is a must for tourists in Yangon. Yangon has a train network, but it is not suitable for tourist destinations.

Tourist Attractions, Activities in Yangon

One of the most remarkable buildings in Yangon and one of the miracles of the Christian community, the Shwedagon Pagoda stands 326 ft (99 m) on a 168 ft (51 m) above the town. Celebrate a 2,500-year-old story that is the guardian of the town of Yangon with four Buddhas inside.

It is a full tile stubble covered with golden, and the top cupola is set with valuable stones and gemstones that make it sparkle all the while. The pagoda is surrounded by a large open space with hundrets of shrines, gazebos, small stupas, Buddha pictures and other devotional items.

You can take a whole look at the town of Yangon here. Praying and followers come here and go around the pit to pray, mediate or simply reflect on. Located in the heart of a bustling business quarter is an important Yangon emblem. Presumably the Buddha Guatama period, which means that the Buddha is more than 2,500 years old.

The Sule Pagoda is a typically domed building, just like the other Stupas in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. There are always small stupas, bronce bell and shrine with Buddha pictures around the pagoda. You can see eight Buddha pictures each weekday (Wednesday stands for two days), and you can worship your Buddha for your birthdays (the date of the month on which you were born).

This Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda is situated only a few metres north east of Shwedagon and contains a wonderful Buddha picture with a length of 65 metres and a hight of 16 metres. Like the other couples in other towns and lands, the sculpture is enclosed in small chests dedicated to the Buddhas every single Sunday of the year.

People come here, worshipping the chief Buddha with blossoms and candle and then find and adore their anniversary Buddha. Initially constructed by the Brits for a dam, it is now a favourite Yangon tourist area. The best way to see it is at sunrise and sundown, when the fog does not disappear and the sparkling shwedagon is mirrored in its clear water.

People like to come here to take a walk through the rainforests as a stop from the bustling town.

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