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Tourist map of Yangon

If you find any address on the map of Yangon or calculate your itinerary to and from Yangon, you will find all the sights and Michelin Guide restaurants in Yangon. " We will distribute the tickets free of charge to information desks of the Ministry of Hotels and Tourism, international embassies in Yangon and hotels." Yangon's western region is the most magnificent and interesting part of the city. Yangon Good Guide, a map linking tourists and urban researchers with the best social companies in the city, provides a much-needed lifeline for innovative projects. Yangon Mingalardon Garden City Industrial Park SERIES.

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Contains indices. Maps of Yangon - Catalogue entry only - "8/2006." Contains text, map of the Union of Myanmar, map of the Myanmar flight path, tourist information, colour illustrations and ads (partially indexed).

Forestry Department, Myanmar. At the back side indices and map of Yangon city centre. Contains text, Union of Myanmar map, Myanmar flight map, tourist information, color and index ads. Touristic map of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma - Catalogue Record Only - "9/99".

Contains map of the "Union of Myanmar", indices of messages, distances, colour illustrations and notices. Rangoon. Additional cards of "Downtown Rangoon" and "Bogyoke (Scott) Market" and descriptions of the sights on the back.

Yangon: Where to go, what to see. Yangon. Additional cards of "Downtown Rangoon" and "Bogyoke (Scott) Market" and descriptions of the sights on the back. Contains text, Union of Myanmar map, Myanmar flight map, tourist information, color. ill, and ads.

Rangoon Tourist Map. Burma's Rangoon Tourist Map. Indices of tourist rides, festivities and other tourist information on the back. Rangoon Tourist Map. Burma's Rangoon Tourist Map.

You can find a complete festival and holiday and directory overview on the back.

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Situated on a golden, gilt block of cliffs at an altitude of over 1100 km above the surface at the foot of the mound, this mystic stone was constructed in the anchoring of Buddha relics.

It looks at a glimpse, with a lack of knowledge of the force of force, as if the stone would drop with a light pressure. This block's form is like a man's skull. There' s a small 23-foot pavilion on the cliff. Using a slice of trefoil as a handle, with a string bound at one end and placed under the rocks, you can move the string from one side to the other side of the block, which shows that the block carrying the Kyaiktiyo is not touching the underneath.

In Mon the rock is known as Kyaik-I -thi-ro, which means "pagoda worn by a recluse on his head", Kyaik-I-thi-ro later became known as Kyaiktiyo The Rock. Kyaiktiyo hills is also known as the mound on which the silhouette is located. The Kinpun Basecamp at the bottom of the mound is about 5hrs.

Once there, you can enjoy'trekking with 4 fours' or'a precipitous curvy highway towards the next warehouse of the pagoda'. There are many notions about the Nat's and Ghosts's world. Kyaikto, the city at the bottom of the mound, is about 160 km from Yangon.

It' an 11 km long ascent for the walkers from Kinpun basecamp. There' s also a very twisty street for four-wheel vehicles from the basis to the next point of the citadel. The legend about the world of pagodas and the'nats' or'spirits'. The Kyaikhto Hotel and Golden Rock Hotel have state-of-the-art tourist amenities.

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