Yangon Tourist information

Tourist Information Yangon

The Yangon is one of the most attractive destinations for a Myanmar tour. The monument and the tourist office are also here. I' d done the tour of Dala, on the southern bank of the Yangon River, several times, and this had never been one of the usual stops. Shortage of accurate tourist information. For details on Myanmar's customs information, click here.

Tourist Information Yangon

Located in southern Myanmar, the former capitol and expanding tourism resort of Yangon has much to boast for its visitors. Yangon is definitely a place to visit with a magnificent array of holy shrines, magnificent parks, scenic seas and stunning architectur. Yangon Zoo, the artificial caverns of Maha Pasana Guha and Sule Paya, a 2,000-year-old gold sanctuary, are also in the immediate vicinity.

It is an interesting jungles of old and new, in which old offices are located next to old building remains from past years. Traffic is messy in the town with many automobiles, busses, motorcycles and bikes all passing quickly through the roads. This busy town has its own unique charms that you won't find anywhere else.

At the top of Singuttara Mountain stands the most important buddhistic shrine in all of Myanmar, the Shwedagonagoda. Since then, the sanctuary has been much renovated and repaired, but is still a valuable property of Burma and its inhabitants. According to tradition, a Gautama Buddha's head was taken to the pit by two brethren and that is why the sanctuary is so highly valued.

There are many luxurious and mid-range establishments spread throughout the town. It is easy to find food with many possibilities, among them French, German, Italian, Thai and Chinese. Yangon's night life is amazingly vibrant with its many roof top bar and discotheques. It is not too hard to get to Yangon; Yangon Airport is about 30 min northern of the town.

There are many neighboring towns such as Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong. For the more adventure-loving, there are also train connections to the remainder of Myanmar. Busses are also available, but care must be taken with regard to traffic and vehicleworthiness. While Yangon is regarded as a very secure town, be careful if you are too slow in less crowded areas, as Myanmar is a poverty-stricken nation and robbery can happen.

Also, be particularly careful when you count your cash from currency changes, as many try to switch people. Of course, it is advisable to take out a trip to Yangon before departure to prevent unexpected difficulties for you and your hosts.

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