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Yangon tourist information and agencies. Providing information about the character and attractions of Yangon and its surroundings that are attractive to tourists. See the best attraction in Yangon Printable Tourist Map. Up to date information about sights and activities in Yangon: Extensive and up-to-date information for tourists and business travelers to Myanmar, including visas, weather, currency, internet, language and more.

Best Guide to Yangon

That' gonna be at the top of everyone's menue in Yangon. You can see the picture from far away, because it stands on a mound. It is still one of the most important Buddhist places in the whole wide globe, but it is part of today's Yangon lifestyle.

It' open from early in the mornings till later in the evenings, and the Buddhist go to the cloakroom. She is very high and has a golden wreath. There are 5,448 jewels, 2,317 jewels on the top of the crest and a 76 carats on the top. Altogether there are almost 80,000 gems and 3,154 golden gems.

It is a lively, practising place, so the practitioner should know some of the principles of attending a buddhistic shrine in Myanmar: Go around the pagoda which starts from the lefthand side and goes to the right in a counterclockwise fashion. That is true for all Buddhistic places.

Look at how the locals are sitting and copy them. Buddhists who come here worship and may not want to be the center of a photograph.

Travelling information Yangon Myanmar

Yangon, the business centre and gate to Myanmar, is gentle and verdant with luxuriant exotic forests, shaded gardens and scenic seas. Yangon, established as Dagon in the early eleventh c., was a small fishermen town around the Shwedagon Pagoda. After the conquest of the town in 1755, King Alaungpaya re-named it Yangon.

Yangon, meaning "end of conflict", was renamed during Britain's settlement in Rangoon. The name of the town returned to Yangon in 1989. Myanmaryat ( "MMK") is the country's main reserve fund. Tips are at the traveller's sole discretion. No.

Gelbfieberbescheinigung is necessary for Myanmar if travelers are arriving within nine working nights of departure or transit through areas with Aids. Internationally operating hospitals such as SOS work in Yangon. Generally, lightweight leisurewear in Yangon is appropriate all year round. It is useful to wear a lightweight pullover between October and February, especially during a visit to Oberburma.

The Yangon has a moderate temperature that ranges from hot in summers (25°C to 35°C or 77°F to 95°F) to comfortable in winters (20°C to 24°C or 68°F to 75°F).

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