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Tourist Information Yangon

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The former Myanmar capitol, Yangon, "End of Strife", is the principal gate to Myanmar. The Yangon has verdant rainforest, shaded gardens and wonderful ponds that have earned it the name'Garden City'. The Yangon is known for the world-famous, gorgeous, golden crusted Shwedagon Pagoda. From Yangon you can take daily excursions to Bago, an antique town of the fifteenth century, to Thanlyin, a seventeenth-century capitol, and to the Portuguese cemetery & Yele Pagode on a small Kyauktan islet.

Twante can also be reached by the Yangon Riviera. Known as the historical centre of Myanmar's ceramics production and industrial activity, Twante is still active there today. This is a real wonder of the wonders of the oceans, the Shwedagon Pagoda is the centre of Myanmar Buddhism. Constructed over 2500 years ago by King Okkalapa, it has been extended over the years.

Situated at 100m above the Yangon countryside. It' encircled by many Buddha pictures, artistic textures and tiled corridors where the believers and inquisitive can admire its splendour. Situated in the center of Yangon.

The building was constructed about 2200 years ago. Situated in the middle of the bustling Yangon, it can be described as an haven of tranquility. It was constructed in Yangon to remember the 6th Buddhist Synod in 1954. The church was especially constructed for the 6th Great Buddhist Synod. This is said to be similar to the Indian Satta Panni Cave, where the first Buddhist synod took place just after Buddha's deaths.

Situated near Kaba Aye is an man-made cavern. One lying Buddha, the Chaukhtatkyee Pagoda, was constructed in 1907, but has been damaged by the weather over the years and at 72 metres is almost as large as the lying Shwethalyaung of Bago. It' located under a covered bunker on Shwegondaing Lan in Yangon.

New Htat Kyee Buddhas are the second biggest sitting Buddhas in Yangon. It is situated in the oldest place of Buddhism in the immediate vicinity (opposite Chauk Htat Kyee). Maha Wizaya Zedi was constructed about 500 meters from the Shwedagon Pagoda at the intersection of Shwedagon Pagoda Road and Oo Htaung Bo Street on the DamaraKhita hills.

It has a overall altitude of 134 feet and is based on 165E8EIt is not a sound construction, but it has a cavity (cave pagoda) of 60ft dia and 46ft high. Situated in North Okkalapa, a outskirts of Yangon. According to the history, the daughter of Okkalapa, the father of Yangon.

This is the second most frequented tourist resort in Yangon. Some of the best buyers are the originals of the works of Myanmar artist. Internationally renowned Burmese ruby and premium sapphire are among the most sought-after articles on the open air auctions. On Thanlyin''s top hill. There are graves of two renowned 15th c. Burial poets from Burma (Natshinnaung and Dartukalyar) in the pre-cent cemetery.

It is a town 50 kilometres from Yangon, which can be reached by road in a few short time. Along the way you can see the Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda in Mon State. 100 year old Shwe Tha Lyaung is the second biggest Buddha in Myanmar. Zhwemavdaw, in Bago, is at an altitude of 114m.

It' the most popular big Myanmar marina. Constructed over 1000 years ago by the Mons, it was 23 meters high and contained 2 Buddha hair. In the course of the years the marquee was converted to enlarge its area. It was added to the reliquary in 982 and 1385 and stupas were constructed at 84 metres. It was further constructed and reconstructed until Shwemawdaw was eventually raised to its present level after being destroyed by an 1954 quake.

A lion with Buddha sculptures in his mouth guards the cloakroom. Swemokhtaw is located in Pathein. Constructed in over two thousand years and proud in 250 B.C., this is the first ever podium of its kind in the world. E (new period after systematical elimination) was the second period when Aloungsithu, a well-known traveler - king of the Bagan family, the re-iging emperor of Paukkanrama (ancient name for the present city of Bagan on the central Ayeyarwaddy world - known for its shrines and pagodas), increased and expanded this great Stupa, which she renamed "Htupayon Samodda Gosa and Ommadanti",

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