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Hike for free in Yangon and discover its culture, incredible sites, stories and legends with entertaining and passionate local guides. Security Manager (Security) Pan Pacific Hotel Yangon - Yangon Apply. "Yangon's tourism market has experienced enormous growth in recent years when the country began with economic and social reforms. Czech Embassy in Yangon. Página > Czech Republic > Tourism in the Czech Republic.

Yangon Tourist Board - Yangon Tourist Board

Myanmar's biggest town is Yangon, by far the most thrilling place in the state. It is a mixture of English settlement style architectural style, contemporary skyscrapers and gold-plated Buddhist palagodas. The best period to come to Yangon is November to February. It is the onset of the wintry period and the Shwedagon Festival also takes place every year in February or March in this gleaming gorge.

The 325ft wreath (Stupa), one of the holiest places of Buddhism, is decorated with 27 tonnes of sheet metal, along with thousand of diamond and other precious stones, and is said to contain eight Gautama Buddhaha' s hair and relicts of three former Buddah. Come and see us at dusk if you want peace; otherwise show your respect when the gilded Stupa burns purple and purple in the sundowner.

Situated in a large shed with a metallic roof, this wonderful 215 foot long Buddhas is hardly known, although it is bigger than a similarly known picture in Bago. Adjoining the temples is the Sasana Yeiktha Shweminwon Meditation Center, where many natives meet for meditation. Yangon's, if not Myanmar's, most wonderful picture of Buddhas is this 46 foot high, nestled in Ngahtatgyi Paya, in tranquil gold-white tranquility and decorated with a sound dash of gemstones.

Botataung's generous riverside position and the shortage of people give her a more down-to-earth sense of spirituality than Shwedagon or Sule Paya. The most unique characteristic is the shimmering zigzag hallway, gold-plated from bottom to top, which winds through the 131-fet. gold plated zipi (stupa). Watch out for a bronce buddha who once lived in the king's castle in Mandalay, and a large lake with several hundred turtles.

It is not every town where a main roundabout is squatted by a 2000 year old gold pomp. The 46m long Shwedagon Paya is an example of contemporary Asiatic commerce that blends with Burma's old traditions. Shortly after sunset is the most impressive moment to go to the Shrine.

Gold-plated zedis is exceptional in that its eight-sided form reaches to the bells and the reversed shells. Surrounding the outer basis of the sanctuary are small stores and all the non-religious activity that seems to be part of every Myanmar cedi.

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