Yangon top Attractions

The Yangon top attractions

The Botahtaung is a typical gold plated dome that gradually tapers upwards and is Read More. It is the former capital of Myanmar and the largest city in the country. Activities in Yangon (Rangoon), Yangon region: Explore the best rated attractions of Yangon, iconic landmarks, hidden gems and unique must-do experiences. The most popular activities in Yangon include train tours, night market and boat trips to Dala.

Leading 5 activities in Yangon

If you travel to Burma, there is a good chance that you will start your journey in Yangon: Burma's former capitol and former centre of the British Raj. Although Yangon is by far Burma's biggest town, it is much calmer and less sophisticated than most South East Asia metropolises.

Its population is only 5 million compared to the 22 million in neighboring Bangkok, and its collapsing settlement has remained largely unaffected for many years. Yangon's attractions extend from antique worship memorials to decayed colorful settlements and encompass both intriguing fairs and enjoyable outbuildings. Unless you know anything else about Yangon, you may have already learned about the Shwedagon Pagoda:

The Shwedagon is not only a place of adoration, but also a meeting place for the people of Yangon to meet, especially in the afternoons. An innovative way to do this in Yangon is a dusk boat trip on the Yangon riverside, where you get a different view of the town while you enjoy a glass of beers.

That'?s our favorite way to end a full working days in Yangon. All of us are enjoying seeing the most important places of interest in each town - but most of us also want to get a feel for daily living off the beaten track. Yangon has a number of great cycling tours that take you from the center of the town to the tranquil outskirts and neighboring towns that you might never have known.

Our favorite route leads you by boat across the Yangon River to Dhala, then through rice paddies, Bamboos and stilted towns to Twante. With Yangon still lagging behind in terms of economic growth, the capital is still proud of its magnificent rural architectural heritage. Fading and disintegrating, these structures have remained largely unmixed, giving them a touch of genuineness that has been forgotten in some parts of post-colonial Southeast Asia.

A stroll through the town, which includes a stopover at the historical beach hotel for a cup of tee, is the best way to discover this spectacular area. The beach, constructed in 1901, has been home to celebrities and celebrities for over a hundred years and is the ideal place to revive a little bit of romantic colonialism.

To get an impression of the daily routine of an ordinary Yangon resident, we strongly suggest you take a tour to the neighbourhood. This is our five most popular Yangon tipps for first-time visitors and should provide the ideal start to any Burma-journey.

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