Yangon top 10 Attractions

The Yangon Top 10 Attractions

Here are the top 25 recommended activities during your stay in Yangon. Sweaty and unpleasant time without sleep for 10 - 12 hours! View the top 10 hotels in Yangon loved by travelers. It is home to many interesting attractions that will entertain tourists for more than a week. For more information, see Top 10 Beijing Attractions.

Myanmar's Top 10 Tourist Attractions

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Misterious Myanmar: Best 10 Attractions

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is the Gold Lands. The gold temple, the hot smile, the modest people and the picturesque yet stately scenery attracts people from all over the globe. Burma is a South East Asian nation, a sacred nation that impresses anyone who is touring.

Although it is so picturesque, it has not yet been populated by many who have preserved the oversleepy feel of a fishermen's town and the lightness of being there. It is a main tourist destination that can be added at the end of any multi-day trip to Myanmar. Yangon, the busy former Burmese capitol, is the country's biggest town.

Featuring hospitable natives, newsstands, open taxis and breathtaking parklands and sanctuaries. The exploration of Yangon is an energizing adventure, be it the exploration of indigenous country living on the other side of the Dala riverbank or the ride through the town in conversation with its people. The Yangon has much to offer travelers, but its greatest draw is the imposing Shwedagon Pagoda.

Situated for over two and a half thousand years, this ancient sanctuary is made of massive bullion and contains at its peak a thousand jewels. Shwedagon is 99 metres high on a hill, so you can see it all over Yangon and at sunset it brightens the town.

On a hillside with a view of the city of Kyaikhto there is a rock block of gold canopy. Kyaiktio Pagoda, also known as the Kyaiktio Pagoda, is a renowned place of Buddhism as well. Unfortunately, only men are permitted to approach the gilded rock, females are not permitted to do so.

Wide open spaces with thousand of shrines, Stupa and Pagoda from the twelfth to fourteenth centuries, a miracle for people. One of Myanmar’ most beautiful attractions, this huge view can enchant the visitor for day after day with stunning vistas from dawn to sundown. It is even possible to float above the temple in a warm aeroplane at sundown!

On the powerful Irrawaddy River, which stretches across the centre of Myanmar and flows into the Bay of Bengal in Yangon, many of them are sailing from Bagan to Mandalay on a tranquil voyage. Its modest landscape and the general lightness of river living make it a relaxing trip through some parts of the land.

You can drift and watch how the land is almost unaffected by the contemporary state. The area is home to some old emperor's capital cities, but the pretty town of Inwa is home to the magnificent Bagaya Kyaung Teaak Cloister. Aided by 267 huge poles of tea wood, it gives the appearance of an antique site, although it was built 200 years ago.

Discovering its chilly, roomy cabin is a great way to overcome the warmth and see the beating heart of locals as much stays the same. More than two hundred years ago a Teakwood deck was built over Lake Taungthaman, which stretches over onekm! Well-known as the Ubeinbrücke, it is the longest Teakwood Bridges in the whole wide range and links two towns outside Mandalay.

A walk at dusk or even on the mountain back provides stunning vistas and a breath of serenity. It' s not hard to understand why this is one of the simplest and most iconsic shots in Myanmar. To the southwest of Mandalay is Sagaing Hill, a colorful hill with several hundred small sanctuaries and important places of worship.

Situated along the Irrawaddy River, the extensive panorama view of the countryside is as delightful as the variety of colors in its singular architectural style. A simple full excursion, it is rewarding to visit the area, the Pagoda Mountains and the neighboring caverns to see this side of Burma and offer a tour to the wonderful Inle Lake.

Situated in the Shan Highland, is the Inle Sea breathtaking. A huge fresh water sea, encircled by mountains, it is no wonder that this is one of Myanmar's main attractions. Inhabitants of the area often paddle around the pond and paddle with one foot over the powerful water!

Myanmar's magnificent scenery and its varied and friendly character are demonstrated by Inle Lake like no other attractions. Explore everything Myanmar has to show you on one of our Myanmar trips or let us tailor a trip to make sure you don't miss a single one!

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