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Burmese Thanlyin (Burmese: ?????

?????????, pronounced[t????? mjo?] or[?à?lj??? mjo?]; Mon: ????,[sea?]; formerly Syriam) is a large port city of Myanmar, located opposite the city of Yangon. A simple escape from Yangon is a visit to the historic city of Thanlyin (???????) and nearby Kyauktan (????????????), east of the city over the Bago River - both cities host important pagodas. The distance between Yangon and Thanlyin on the map, how many miles and kilometers from Yangon to Thanlyin. One of Thanlyin's most popular tourist attractions!

Trips to Thanlyin & Kyauktan

A simple getaway from Yangon is to pay a stop at the historical village of Thanlyin (???????) and Kyauktan near by (???????????), just south of the Bago River - both cities are home to important couples. Filipe de Brito e Nicote, the infamous Portugese explorer, led his own little empire in the sixteenth and seventeenth century.

The Thanlyin was an important harbour until it was outshone by Yangon at the end of the eighteenth centuary. A Portuguese chapel from 1750 is located near the Thanlyin Bridge. Thanlyin was known as'Syriam' under UK domination and was the site of a large well.

Yangon to Thanlyin range

Yangon and Thanlyin are 10.42 km away. That is 6.48 and 5.62 sea-mile. Distances on the chart show the distances from Yangon to Thanlyin between two towns. When traveling between Yangon and Thanlyin by plane (at an hourly rate of 560 miles), it will take 0.01hrs.

Old Portuguese Church, Thanlyin, Yangon, Myanmar - Review of the Old Portuguese Church, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

Thanlyine was formerly known as Syriam. The Myanmar is usually pronounced "Tanyin". It' a town in the Yangon Division of Myanmar. Situated on the banks of the Yangon River, it is an important harbour..... Thanlyin was the basis of the portugese adventure Philip De Brito in the later 1500'. Official Rakhine salesman, he settled from his basis in Thanlyin as a lord of the war and occasionally enlisted his troops with the Mon in their fights against the Bamar.

Arrested by the Myanmar in 1613, he was put to death by staking, a penalty reserved for the landlords of buddhistic temple. The Thanlyin remains an important harbour until it was demolished in 1756 by Alaungpaya, during the Mon Uprising. The first Catholic in Myanmar was constructed during Portugal's reign, but it was demolished by the Myanmar government after they reconquered Than Lyin.

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