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From Yangon to Taungoo. Extensive and up-to-date information on how to get to Taungoo, Myanmar (Burma), as well as online booking of transport. From Yangon to Taungoo - a possibility to go by rail, by road, by car

Which is the best way from Yangon to Taungoo? From Yangon to Taungoo the least expensive way is the 4? - 11? train, which lasts 5h49min. Which is the easiest way from Yangon to Taungoo? Training is the easiest way from Yangon to Taungoo. It is 4? - 11 and lasts 5h49min.

Where is Yangon to Taungoo? Yangon and Taungoo are 240 km away. So how long does it take from Yangon to Taungoo? From Yangon Central Station to Taungoo the journey lasts 5 hours 49 minutes and includes transfer. Isn' there a straight line between Yangon and Taungoo?

Yes, there is a local rail service from Yangon Central to Taungoo. Departures are four daily. It will take about 5 hours 49 minutes. Which businesses provide service between Yangon, Myanmar and Taungoo, Myanmar? There is a 4 daily Myanmar Railways trains from Yangon to Taungoo.

The ticket costs 4 - 11 and the ride lasts 5h49min. Would you like to know more about traveling around the globe? Ljubljana to Lake Bled, trips to and around Russia for the 2018 FIFA Football world cup and how to get from London to Edinburgh - so you can make the most of your next visit.

Here you will find all transportation for your journey from Yangon to Taungoo.

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It is 276 km from Yangon to Taungoo by rail, which is between 6 h 15 min by the quickest and 6 h 21 min by the longest one. We have two daily express services from Yangon to Taungoo. To buy your Yangon to Taungoo rail ticket, use the search box below.

From Yangon to Taungoo, it is the only one that ends the trip in natural light. 06:00 is an early departure, but it' s a good idea, as it can be hard to get to Taungoo later. Tungoo is a town with a long tradition.

Taungoo was the capitol of Myanmar and the capitol of the Taungoo Empire from 1510 to 1539 and from 1551 to 1552. It was one of the biggest and most mighty empires of South Asia from the sixteenth to eighteenth centuries. In contrast to many other former capitals of Southeast Asia (such as Ayutthaya or Angkor Wat), this story is hardly visible today and there are only a few of them.

Some of the most important sights in the town are the Shwesandaw Pagoda in the center of the town and the Myasigon Pagoda with its large seated Buddhah. Royal Lake is also a favourite place to relax, eat and drink in the west part of the town.

Taungoo is a favourite stop on the trip from Yangon to Mandalay (Taungoo is about half way between the two cities), but the main attraction is outside the city: Tandaung Gyi: 43.3 km eastern of the Taungoo, Tandaung Gyi is a mountain village with a wonderful mountain landscape, which was used by the colonists as a mountain stop.

Huntington's fortress: bull camps: There are other favourite trips from Taungoo to one of the two large bull encampments in the area. Seineye 11th Lodge is situated in the depths of the Bago Yoma Mountains' tree-forest and focuses on the 11th Lodge as a workhorse in the Teakwood Industries.

It is 55.9 km southwest of Taungoo and you will need to rent a cab to get there. The Pho Kyar East lodge is 61 km northwest of Taungoo and can be reached faster as the roads are better. The Pho Kyar elephant camps is more of a touristic business with bull shows and bullwalks.

The better of the two camp is that you are planning to take kids with you.

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