Yangon to Pyay Train

Canyon to Pyay train

The hourly buses to Pyay take about five to six hours. Are there trains from Yangon to Pyay and from Pyay to Bagan? From Yangon to Pyay - 2 ways to get to Pyay by train, boat, airplane and automobile.

Which is the best way from Yangon to Pyay? From Yangon to Pyay the best way is by train, which is 4? - 7 and lasts 11 h 15 mins. Which is the shortest way from Yangon to Pyay? Training is the shortest way from Yangon to Pyay. It is 4? - 7 and lasts 11 h 15 mins.

So how far is it from Yangon to Pyay? Yangon is 245 km from Pyay. So how long does it take from Yangon to Pyay? From Yangon Central Station to Pyay the train lasts 11 h 15 minutes and includes a transfer. There'?s a train right between Yangon and Pyay?

Yes, there is a train directly from Yangon Central to Pyay. Departures once a day. It will take about 11 h 15 mins. Do you have a regular boat between Yangon and Pyay? Yes, there is a regular boat from Yangon to Pyay.

Departure once a weeks. It will take about 2 nights 15 h. From where do I take the Yangon to Pyay? Yangon-Pyay trains run by Myanmar Railways leave from Yangon Railway Terminal. Which enterprises provide service between Yangon, Myanmar and Pyay, Myanmar? The Myanmar Railways runs a train from Yangon to Pyay once a day.

The ticket costs 4 - 7 and the ride lasts 11 h 15 mins. Would you like to know more about traveling around the globe? Here you will find all transportation for your travel from Yangon to Pyay.

Getting to Pyay

You can use the quick links below to skip to the required section about transporting to and from Pyay. The Pyay train is located in the heart of the city on Bogyoke Street near the Smile Hotel. From Yangon there is one train per train per days leaving at 13:00 (arrival in Pyay at 21:30) and the retreat from Pyay at 23:30, arrival in Yangon at 07:50.

When you want to get on the train to Bagan, the train from Yangon to Bagan goes through Shwedagar at about 22:00 and brings you to Bagan at 09:30. There' s a 5 p.m. departures every day for a local coach to Bagan, which will cost about 3 a.m. - yes, in the mornings - 14,000 Kie.

Since there is only one coach to Bagan per night, it is recommended to reserve your tickets in your accommodation or by driving to the main train terminal yourself. After Yangon there are sailings all days long (we were informed every hour) for 4.500k yat and there is no need to reserve in time.

We' re informed that there were twice a week sailings from Pyay to Bagan (Wednesday and Sunday), and the journey upriver took four of them. Departure at 05:00 (in the morning). Our Boats Offices are located just down the Lucky Dragon and Pyay Strand Hotel along the riverbank - check for the latest information on boating itineraries.

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