Yangon to Pyay Bus

from Yangon to Pyay Bus

By bus from Aung Mingalar to Pyay. For more information about bus tours, take a bus through Myanmar. On the way to Pyay, main station. At the crossroads to Yangon, Bagan and Thandwe (for Ngapali Beach). LINE NAME, YGN OFFICE, PYAY OFFICE, YGN DEPERTURE TIME, PYAY DEPERTURE TIME.

From Yangon to Pyay by bus from the station 199.69TB

How to buy Yangon - Pyay passes? What is the Yangon - Pyay line? There are 239 km of routes. The operator of the Yangon - Pyay line is Myo Sat Thit. For the Yangon - Pyay by bus the best price is 5,25 (US $ 5,97) from Myo Sat Thit (7h), while the most costly price and probably the best is 5,25 (US $ 5,97) from Myo Sat Thit, which lasts seven hours.

A number of providers offer snack bars, others stop at a food court on the street (some also offer a lunch in the fare). In order to have a secure and convenient Yangon - Pyay journey, you can select the best valued tours and give your own rating.

Road haulage in Pyay

At the crossroads to Yangon, Bagan and Thandwe (for Ngapali Beach). Bus terminal is about 2 leagues eastwards from the center (directly on Bogyoke Road). There are several bus services to Yangon (K5000, seven hours) throughout the city. At the moment there is only one bus to Bagan (K14,000, 12 hours) leaving at 5 pm.

Or you can take a bus to Magwe (K5000, five-hour, departures every two hour or so from 6.30am) and take a bus to Bagan. A bus to Taunggok (K13.000, seven hours) runs around 5 pm. One single intercity express will leave Pyay main railway at 11 pm every day in the direction of Yangon (K3500 to K5000, nine hours).

You can also take the Yangon Bagan Railway from Shwethekar Railway station, 3 leagues eastwards of the town towards Thayekhittaya, as it stops for three minutes at 9.30pm (K1950) before reaching Bagan at 8am; the Bagan Yangon Railway will arrive at 2.30am before leaving for Yangon.

The Mandalay Forum

Pyay Yangon journey took about 6 hrs, then about an hr in infernal transport to get from the bus terminal to Yangon city centre, it takes a hell of an hr to get from Yangon to Pyay at all seasons, and there are many hotels/guest houses to pick from or it is best to make reservations in advance.

Not many busses go from Yangon via Pyay to Bagan. It is better to stay in Pyay, Magwe, Bagan and then on to Mandalay. It' not that long for Yangon Pyay. Longest route is between Pyay and Magwe or Bagan. It' about 10 hrs from Pyay to Bagan.

I' d like to stop at Pyay because it's a place I want to see, also I like short trips between Yangon and Mandalay. I' m going to Yangon and out of Mandalay, so I don't want to go back, so the trip will be Yangon, Pyay, Bagan and then Mandalay.

Yes, there is an air-conditioned express bus from Pyay to Bagan. Be sure to spent at least 2 full working hours in Pyay, there is a great deal to see and it is a beautiful place! I had 3 overnight stays there and wanted to remain longer!) Magwe is also a whole full year.

At Pyay I was checking a few hotels and they were seriously stupid and wanted $20 for a room without even getting warm waters. Then why not fly to Mandalay and take the bus to Bagan, Magwe, Pyay and on to Yangon? A 4~6 hours bus ride is not too hard.....

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