Yangon to Pathein Ferry

Pathein to Yangon Ferry

River Ayeyarwaddy Ayeyarwaddy Riviera (Irrawaddy) is a stream that runs through Myanmar. This is Myanmar's biggest watercourse (approximately 1350 nautical mile or 2170 km long) and the main merchant channel with a catchment area of approximately 158,700 sqkm. Ayeyarwaddy begins in the state of Kachin, at the junction of the Mali Kha and Mai Kha streams.

Mali Kha West has its source at the end of the Himalayas in the south, just northern of Putao, and is named (like the major river) in the Shan Nam Kiu tongue. There is no need to analyze the shortage of counsel for the given drug oder addiction to indicate which one or the addiction mix is sure to be safe, effective or reasonable to a 20mg purchase patientcialis.

Chindwin comes from the wide Hukawng valley of the state of Kachin in Myanmar. Tanai leaves Hukawng valley through Taron or Turong valley and through a ravine in the swarm. Sittaung is a stream in southern Myanmar in the Bago Division. Bago Range is separating its pool from that of Ayeyarwaddy.

It rises on the outskirts of the Shan Plateau south-east of Mandalay and runs south into the Gulf of Martaban. As the Thanlwin passes through the Tibetan plateau and crosses 1,000 meter deep canyons through the Shan Plateau and Arakan Yoma in Myanmar, it expands its basin for the last part of its course and settles its icy sediment on an expansive estuary area.

Celebrate Yangon riverside fun. 18:00 - Savour the beautiful sundown. Route: 08:00 - Departure from Yangon 10:00 - Arrival in Twante and visit Twante by car or wagon. 13:00 - Return to Yangon. Dinner on the boat at 15:00 - Return to Yangon.

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Customers, co-workers or boyfriends, if you want them to have an memorable adventure, take them on an memorable boat trip on the canal. The group fares on each Road To Mandalay section are available for a total of 82 passengers, either as part of our regular service or as an exclusivity charters.

Individual routes can also be designed for your visitors to make the trip on the Irrawaddy River a unique one.

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