Yangon to Pathein

from Yangon to Pathein

Yangon - There are daily trains, but the journey is extremely slow; the bus is a better alternative. For more information about train travel, take the train through Myanmar. From Yangon you can reach Pathein by boat, which makes an interesting (but slow) journey through the Irrawaddy Delta possible. City on the river on the way from Yangon to Ngwesaung.

Bus+Taxi joint ticket from Aung San Stadium to Pathein.

Arrival in Pathein (Bassein)

Busses leave from Yangon's Thar Yar Dagon Ayar terminal - please be aware that this is a different terminal from the one you would use for most other places in the state. Yangon - There are train services every day, but the ride is extremly fast; the coach is a better one.

From Yangon you can reach Pathein by ferry, which makes an interesting (but slow) trip through the Irrawaddy Delta possible. It will take about 20h.

Pathein Horrible - Myanmar (Burma) Travel Blog

Pathein: City on the river on the way from Yangon to Ngwesaung. We began with an exciting motorcycle trip through Yangon from one coach depot to another (why are the stations so far apart, is it even necessary that there are so many of them? After a 26-hours drive from MraukU to Hlang Thar Yar stop, where the coach left for Ngwe Saung, we had one hours time to cross the Yangon train from Aung Mingalar school.

It' been the cab fare of my whole lifetime! Those boys avoided the transport like professionals and seemed to really take great pains to get to the next coach on it. At 9.55 a.m. we reached the central train terminal with 5 min to the 10 a.m. coach, which we thought we just needed to be informed by a chance kid who came out of nowhere that there was no coach to the Ngwe Saung beaches that walk.

Buuuuuut we could get into his uncle coach and drive to Pathein and there we changed into a van. Though it was perhaps a fraud in heatseight to get us on the Pathein coach, but back then I just didn't do it. A few screaming and furious sounds continued between the coach and the officers, while we saw that we had no clue what was going on.

Be it because the coachman hid us to escape without having to pay anything because he didn't charge us anything or because he wanted to keep the special we will never know! That' s what a Pathein coach sound like, except that the Pathein coach doesn't really stop in the centre of Pathein. He got off at the'new' stop before Pathein (but of course!) and everyone got off and got on another coach that took us to the capital to take the next one to Yangon.

Apart from us, the only "white" men on the coach were taken to the side by a group of cabbies crowding around us and saying that we were not supposed to get on the coach and had to make the payment to get into town. Pathein stop taxis are apparently one of the oldest in the book, and we soon encountered some travelers in France who fell for them!

Again the Shuttlebus took us to an unknown place, not really in Pathein, not near a small van to Ngwe Saung, so we walked and with a little help and a little help from the app'Maps Me' we somehow found our way to the city.

Arriving in Pathein, it was not easy to find the difficult to reach Ngwe Saung-Busstop. Riding through the city with a bike rickshae and then back again after we realized that the rider had no idea what we were speaking about, we asked ourselves randomly in every store and got the same empty look every second.

The backpack tourists felt heavy and heavy as we were walking around in the hot weather, we asked another cyclist, but this times he pointed to the card of Ngwe Saung on the lonesome globe (where the name is in the burmesian language) and also pointed to the word'bus', he succeeded in putting two and two together and brought us the literally 50m across the street to an abandoned parking lot where a miniibus waited to Ngwe Saung.

We' ve been so tight all this and this! There were 20 min before the departure of the coach (apparently 1 departure per hour), so just enough to find a restroom and get some sandwiches for the trip. There' s a giant sanctuary in the centre of Pathein, I was pointed in his directions when I asked the coach drivers for a restroom.

For the record, if you ever find your own victim in Pathein, do not use the temple cloakroom. There' s a bench opposite the temple with an air-conditioned and free lavatory. After 3 busses and almost 2 nights on the street we were on the last stage of the trip to Ngwe Saung, densely wrapped up in a full minibus, I fainted for the whole duration of the trip, woke up in a bad atmosphere just as we reached Ngwe Saung.... more about this in another epistol!

Why the'terrible' Pathein? Well, maybe it was just my cravings, starvation, lack oversleep, disorientation, terrible bathroom experiences in a pagoda.... just a collection of things made for poor experiences in the town that I couldn't really assess because I had only been there for a little over an h.

On the other hand, Lonely Planet has also mis-marked the Ngwe Saung stop, sooooo take what you want.

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