Yangon to Ngapali by Bus

Ngapali Yangon by bus

YANG-GWA - KYAIN TALI - AS TWAL-GNGAPALI. Ngapali Yangon by bus - Myanmar Forum In Yangon, where can I find the bus to Ngapali? If you don't think about going now, in the season of monsoons, as most of NB is shut down and scrapped up. if you have a limited amount of and don't want to worry so much about possible lags, then you' re forgetting Ngapali in July?

C-18 Nagyi, Aung Mingalar Highway Station, Bagan St. Mingalardon Tsp. take Yangon - Gwa - Ngapali Night or Day Bus. It is better than Tunngup Rd and the lesson is a little less according to the driver's ability. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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Yangon to Ngapali bus. Can I take the bus safely from Yangon to Ngapali? Yangon to Ngapali bus. March 24, 2015, 3:16 am #7 & 10 - the bus to Sittwe will pass through Mrauk-U, so you don't have to drive to Sittwe to get to Mrauk-U.

There is no bus from Inle to Mrauk-U, but you can take the Mrauk-U bus from Magwe or Bagan and drive from Inle to Bagan. Yangon to Ngapali bus. 17. April 2015, 17:34. Does the bus from Yangon to Ngapali run during the daytime?

What about an over-night in Pyay? Conversely, it would also be interesting to know the bus timetable from Ngapali to Yangon during the day. Yangon to Ngapali bus. 17 April 2015, 22:40 hrs There is no bus directly from Inle See to Mrauk U.

For Mrauk U you do not have to return to Mandalay, please drive from Inle to Magwe if you have already seen Bagan and Mandalay. From Taung Gyi (capital of Shan State) to Magwe (capital of the Magwe Division) there are several coaches.

The Shwe Taung Yoe Express & Wai Phyo Aung Express bus companies run from Taung Gyi (Inle Lake) to Magwe. agwe is one of Burma's largest towns and it's definitely a good idea to visit it. Yangon to Ngapali bus. April 17, 2015, 23:07 Hi Marian, All busses to Thandwe (Ngapali Beach) from Yangon are night busses and depart from Yangon at 14:00 and 15:00.

They' re driving allight. Also the bus is just your opportunity, you better stop off late in Pey. Yangon to Ngapali bus. Afterwards I could take the bus from Yangon to Thandwe. What time is the bus from Pey to Thandwe?

Yangon to Ngapali bus. Yangon to Ngapali bus. Yangon to Ngapali bus. Yangon to Ngapali bus.

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