Yangon to Myitkyina Bus

Myitkyina Bus to Yangon

You can find timetables and fares, compare routes by plane, train, bus and ferry from Yangon to Myitkyina and book your tickets online. Nyin Inn Taw-Mandalay-Yangon New Generation Express Bus: Myitkyina-Yangon, Myitkyina. Journey from Yangon to Myitkyina - Myanmar Forum I' ve been interested in visiting my boyfriend in mysitkiyna this holiday time. i travel from malsia to yangon. i need your advise on how to get myitkyina from yangon on the lowest price like by bus or train.

..and how long i can reach myitkyina from yangon. Mandalay Yangon by bus.

After arriving in the early mornings, you will take the early afternoon Myitkyinarain. We have 4 departures a week ( 4:30, 13:00, 14:10, 16:20) How long does it take to get to Myitkyina by bus and rail from the city? Myitkyina is a long journey from Mandalay, usually 16h.

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Transport from Yangon to Myitkyina - Myanmar Transporation

As soon as you are signed in and signed in, you can start creating themes, posting answers to your themes, giving your colleagues a call, getting your own personal messaging service, posting stats, managing your personal and more. I am interested in visiting the Myitkiyna town, I need tips on how best to get to the town from Yangon, please give me your feedback.

Myiktyina is best reached by air. As there are a number of departures from Yangon to Myiktyina every day, it should be no trouble for you to find them. But I don't know the actual fares for this trip and I don't know how secure it is at the time.

Were you in Myiktyina yourself, Eric? Are you sure it's secure to go there? Amara, I suggest you take the bus to Mandalay and then the bus to Myitkyina if you want to economize it. He' d cut costs, of course, but how much would he lose on the street.

I' ve taken the bus in Myanmar several time and will take it again, but for this one street I don't really suggest so bumpily and sooo long. I definitely think the airplane is the best choice. The airplane is the surest way to get there. And since the roads are very rough and take so long.

Hahaha, yeah thanks Aster for allowing my advise, would you happen to know the latest prices for a trip from Yangon to Myiktyina? Rent any kind of personal means of transport for you. With it you can easily and comfortably travelling. You' re not going to get a headache about travelling. You' re okay with a personal taxi, because it's much more secure.

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