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from Yangon to Myeik Bus

MGZ serves Yangon, Kawthaung and Dawei. You can find timetables and fares, compare routes by plane, train, bus and ferry from Yangon to Myeik and book your tickets online. It's hard to book this VIP bus from the Mawlamyine bus station, but he'll learn. You can take a bus or a domestic flight from Myeik to Kawthaung. It can be rented anywhere in the city centre, at the airport, at the jetty and at the bus station.

Hpa-to Myeik

From Hpa An to Mawlamyine bus terminal takes about 1.5h. There' s a mini van in Mawlamyine at 6:00. Myeik will be the one to get the message. Well, you don't have to spend 4 hrs in Dawei before the 5:30 am mini van leaves for Myeik.

For the best and most immediate connections, there is the VIP bus that runs through Mawlamyine at 12 noon. That way you have enough free evening meal times at the Mawlamyine Nightspot. It' difficult to get this VIP bus from the Mawlamyine bus station, but he'll be learning.

You' ll most likely be paying the full Yangon to Myeik for 33500 Kyats to save your place.

Transport via Myeik to Kawtaung? - The Forum in Myanmar

Transport via Myeik to Kawtaung? when the ferry ended in January 2016, your option is a long bus trip or a quick trip, since you were there, you can rent small boots for small daily excursions, but no really good time. From Yangon we stop at the gold rocks, Hpa-an, Mawlamyne, Ye and then Dawei, which is much more beautiful. and some magnificent secluded sands.

How-to-Go To Kawthaung-Myanmar

From Kawthaung bus terminal, just a few kilometers from Bogyoke Road, Myeik, Dawei, Ye, Mawlamyine and even Yangon, 36 hours drive. Here is a brief step-by-step tutorial. About 30 min. and cost about 500 Baht. long-tail, in this case the charge should be about 50 Baht per each.

Normally you do not have to leave the vessel. Myo Ma Jetty. per capita.

Journey to the South

We began our journey in the south of Hpa-an, where several busses drive all afternoon long to Manlamyine (1,5 hours). There are many night busses from Yangon to Manlamyine. His Taw Ya, the biggest lying Buddha in the whole wide range, is hanging above the city. After visiting Shampoo Island and the wonderful archaeological sites, we drove together to Kyauktalon Taung (20 km outside the city), home of the biggest Buddha in the whole wide area.

It is truly gigantic and surreally hanging over the town. Inside you can go through a range of screens that represent the Buddha's teaching. On the way back to the highway there is a apparently never-ending line of monastic sculptures gathering almonds.

Monks in Kyauktalon Taung, on the way back from Win Sein Taw Ya lying Buddha. Arrived in the center of the city in the evening, we took a motor taxi directly to the guest house in Maungmagan (K5, 500, 30min). Maungmagan Beacheside Chalet Cafe. Next day the Maungmagan beaches were very relaxing.

The bamboo cabins on the shore are serviced by local eateries and offer cool beverages and delicious shellfish. There are few other folks a few hundred meters from the coast, but you probably have the clean sandy beaches and the tropically bluish water all to yourself.

From Maungmagan Strand, the sea views to the north. On the southern side, gentle verdant mountains nestle against the sweeping cove at the top of which is the Myawyik Pagoda. Embedded in the cove, 40 minutes on foot along the shore, is a quaint fisher town. The kids who fish in the basins will come and say: "Mingalabah, hello!".

There' s a pub where you can chill out in the shadows and observe, sniff and hear it. Afterwards we cycled to Myawyik pit (40 minutes from Maungmagan Beach) on a small isle off the shore at San Maria Bay.

Returning by motorcycle, 50 min northern of Maungmagan along some rugged, sand alleys, followed by some unsuspiciously narrow and broad streets (built as part of the disputed deep-sea harbor project) is Nabule Beach. Parkpark at the pit, drinking a cool sap, feeling the wind, stalking along the rocks, collecting molluscs.

Most important in the city is the Shwe Taung Tsar Pagoda - a particularly blind Buddhist Temples. Bus to Myeik departs at 5am and cost 8,000Ks. This is an extremly slim and winding street with some fascinating vistas of jungles, hills, rivers and creeks. From Myeik you can run northwards along the beach promenade and observe the hectic pace of boat and boat loads from the Myeik archipelago.

Just before the turnoff from Strand Road (Kanna Lan) turn right and you will find a fabulous tea shop at the junction with C Street. To climb the stairs to Thein Taw Gyi pit to see the sun set, followed by a nightly meal at the beach stands along Strand Road, is a great way to round off the outing.

Myeik Buddha Sisters. Assuming we had seen everything in Myeik, we hesitated to take a walk through the town with other travelers the next mornings. During the whole working days he hardly ceased to talk and gave us interesting and individual insight into what it means to be a young man with big hopes and big hards.

Tamk, our tourist leader, told us about the construction of the boats and gave us the opportunity to see the work up-close. His''shore diving'' was to visit an interesting and stinking part of the city, where you can see all kinds of catches, even huge mantas, prepared for processing and sent to Yangon and China.

Myeik harbour is a nice place. When you walk through the roads, it is simple to find people in Myeik. Myanmar may not be playing Thailand every single game in the U-23 SEA Games finals, but it was good to see Tamk and a few others to see the game and enjoy the next night at Shwe Ya Su (Strand Road) next game.

Unfortunately, the boat to Kawthaung does not run during the wet seasons and aliens are not yet permitted to continue their journey further southwards as foreseen. But the great experience we have had and the unforgettable personalities we have encountered on this journey have proven that there is more to Southern Burma than the Myeik Archipelago, which is hard to grasp.

and a stomach full of civilization.

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