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Myawaddy Bus to Yangon

From Yangon to Myawaddy, all buses run either early in the morning or in the evening. MANDALAY - MUSE. The Myawaddy (Thailand phone). The San Road already offers bus tickets to Yangon via Mae Sot Junction. Asia Dragon started out as a bus company based in Yangon.

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Could someone please give an upgrade via this busservice. I have found all the poles before the opening of the new motorway, i.e. a coach ride on changing dates. Since the alternative daily order was the outcome of the old street's limitations, the overall picture is likely to have improved.

@Iamemjay, can cruise the New Asia Highway, which offers two routes to distraction every single working days. Hey, do you know how many fucking hour it is to get on the Myawaddy to Yangon over there? Hpa An to Yangon lasts about 6 hrs, although the coach has stopped for quite a long time. Anyone know if Kinpun (Kyaikto - Golden Rock) or if there is another way to get there directly from Myawaddy?

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YangonAung Mingalar High-WayNa Gyi,Rm D/13,Myin Chan St,Tel: (95 9) 421012002, 43158777, 73626666, MandalayKyawe Sel Kan Highway Bus Station, Mandalay. Phone: (95 2) 61881, 78523, 60 St Gate30 road, Between 82 st & 83 st,Mandalay Phone: (95 2) 77727, Tel: 254033352, 47110038, 445108051. Myawaddy phone: (95 9) 43010677, 782066999,

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