Yangon to Myawaddy Bus

Myawaddy Bus to Yangon

From Yangon to the border crossing at Myawaddy to Mae Sot (Thailand). Arrival to Myawaddy Choose different modes of transportation for information and click on the map to enlarge it. Myawaddy bus stop is situated on the southern side of the highway about 1 km from the Thai frontier. You can also take a bus every day from Hpa An (4h, K10.000).

Now the new Dawna Mountain to Myawaddy street is open.

Slower old street with its part-time one-way system is no longer in operation.

Myawaddy Yangon - 4 ways by bus, cab, rail, car, airplane

From Yangon Central take the railway to Mawlamyine 89 /.... Which is the best way from Yangon to Myawaddy? From Yangon to Myawaddy the best way is the flight, which is 45? - 100 and lasts 6 h 43 mins. Which is the quickest way from Yangon to Myawaddy?

From Yangon to Myawaddy the fastest way is the flight and cab, which cost 120 - 270 and take 4 hours 27 minutes. Where is Yangon to Myawaddy? It is 251 km from Yangon to Myawaddy. It is 420 km by street. If I don't have a vehicle, how do I get from Yangon to Myawaddy?

From Yangon to Myawaddy without a vehicle, the best way is by bus and cab, which lasts 8 hours and 7 minutes and cost 100? - 130?. So how long does it take from Yangon to Myawaddy? The drive from Yangon to Myawaddy lasts about 8 hours and 7 minutes, incl. transfer.

So how long does it take to fly from Yangon to Myawaddy? Mae Sot Airport is not a one-way connection from Yangon Airport. For the fastest flights it will take 3 hours 35 minutes and has a stop-over. Is it okay if I go from Yangon to Myawaddy? Yes, the route between Yangon and Myawaddy is 420 km.

The journey from Yangon to Myawaddy lasts approx. 5 h 45 mins. What airline companies operate from Yangon to Mae Sot International Headquarters? Thai- Lion Mentari and Nok Air are offering a flight from Yangon to Mae Sot Air. Which is the closest Myawaddy International Airfield? Mae Sot ( "MAQ") is the closest international airfield to Myawaddy, 4. 2 km away.

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From Yangon (RGN) how do I get to the airport? From Yangon to Yangon Airport the best way is by bus, which lasts 1 hour and cost 1?. Here you will find all transportation for your journey from Yangon to Myawaddy.

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