Yangon to Myanmar

Myanmar, Yangon

In Yangon, Myanmar, Yangon is a city. The Sakura Tower is located in the centre of Yangon's business district. Embassy of New Zealand, Yangon, Myanmar Accredited to Myanmar. Israeli Embassy in Yangon. Yangon, Myanmar's largest city, I already have some confusing first impressions.

Can Myanmar be visited safely now?

To be Rohingya in Myanmar can be deadly, and it is also becoming more and more perilous to be a Muslim here. With war raging on the fringes of the nation and the army reigning over one of the greatest human catastrophes in its entirety, tour operators are reporting a collapse in their businesses, complete with several cancels. Businesses scream to tell customers that they are unlikely to be confronted with force.

"With only three Rakhine counties affected by recent incidents, the whole nation can safely travel," Myanmar Tourism Federation vice-president Khin Aung Tun said to Frontier. Emphasizing the distinction between Myanmar's warmongering areas and the verdant areas is a joint policy of our tour operators. It called on travellers to comply with Myanmar's authorities' and international governments' instructions and pointed out that these instructions considered most of the land-safety.

There was also a card published by the British Foreign Office on 13 September warning British people against unnecessary trips to certain parts of Rakhine, Shan and Kachin states. The majority of the land, especially the parts where the most favourite touristic sites are to be found, are coloured amber. But not all businesses have been offering the same story to prospective customers trying to gain an understanding of the problems that have made Myanmar appear less secure in recent week.

Myanmar has been the subject of an unjust verdict by the Myanmar Tourism Federation, according to Khin Aung Tun. "Massive global newspapers like CNN and BBC have repeatedly released unconfirmed abuse stories, and that has had a damaging effect on the country's reputation," he tells Frontier.

As well as emphasising security in travelling to a land that has expelled nearly 400,000 members of a unique ethnical group in the last three week, tour operators also emphasise that a trip is the ethical one. "Go on to sustainably tour the land to help all peoples of all races as well as religions," he said TTG Asia.

And even loud critic of the Myanmar army agrees. Burma Campaign UK Executive Mark Farmaner has been demanding global repression of Myanmar's army and its leader, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, since the beginning of the present war. He does not dishearten from travelling internationally to Myanmar either.

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