Yangon to Monywa Express

from Yangon to Monywa Express

() whether the Tuesday flight from Monywa to Yangon is likely to be available. Yangon to Monywa coach In fact, we have become one of the premier express buses in Myanmar. From Yangon to Monywa, the journey from Yangon to Monywa will take about a few working hours. Yangon-Monywa is 0 km away. There is a charge of 25,00 US$ for the transfers.

You will find some hints and hints for the service:

All in all we offer a 5,0% reduction for most Round Cruise coach bookings, i.e. for buses from Yangon to Monywa and buses from Monywa back to Yangon. How to reserve a round trips is less expensive! You will receive a reservation number after you have booked our services. We will then e-mail you the reservation number, the seating number and the adress of the coach terminal.

Verify the number of the selected coach vendor. They should take the Yangon to Monywa coach instead of plane and rail! Cause it' so hard to get a plane or rail pass. If you come to Myanmar, the best way to travel is by coach or air.

From Yangon to Monywa by coach

Even though the descent was on target, it was 45 min too slow, not really a big thing, but I think for the five that came in line with the itinerary. Several critics here have said that the procession is too loud to be asleep. It' an old railway car that runs on a non-welded narrow-gauge railway, so it swings and rattles.

It was the random stopping points on the way that waked us from times to times as the mesmerizing pace of the move stopped, and there were sounds in the hallway and outside as folks got in and out.

We' re really happy that we took the bus and would like to do it again.

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