Yangon to Mergui

from Yangon to Mergui

From Yangon, Kawthaung can be reached by all domestic airlines throughout the year. Itinarry in brief Running through the suburbs of Yangon at a slow pace, the trains are perfect for getting an impression of everyday living along the rail. One of Bago's attractions is the major store with a broad selection of domestic produce, from groceries and home appliances to virtually anything. In Bago, after having dinner in a typical Bago restaurants, we go to the 3rd floor.

Journey to Yathetaung Basecamp, 500m below the peak crest, for the next 11km, sharing with native people. There is a constant flow of people from Myanmar and Asia coming to experience the miracle at least once in their lives. Celebrate the peaceful sundown, immerse yourself in the uniqueness of the surrounding ambience and let other monks, monastics and laymen marvel at you.

Lunches and dinners on your own expense. We' ll visit the picturesque Karen country of Hpa-An, visit Thaton, one of the old Mon empires, and Thamanya Monastery, home to one of Myanmar's most worshipped chaplain. In the afternoon we go to Hpa An. You will have the opportunity to eat the typical burmesian meal in a near restaurants (on your own expense).

We' ll go to the Battle Den, where more than a thousand mice come out every single evening to find nourishment. Lunches and dinners on your own expense. Take a picturesque ride on the Thanlwin River. On the way we stop at U Nar Auk Monastery, constructed during British colonialism by the best artisans of that age.

It is Myanmar's fourth biggest town and the first British Burmese capitol with pristine old houses dating back to Roman times. The Mon Cultural Museum with its exhibitions of bronzes, silver goods, ceramics and sculpture (closed on Sundays and holidays). We' ll take the opportunity to stop at the old and new markets in the town of Marlamyine and have a little talk with the shopkeeper and a little sandwich.

We' re visiting the sundown from the Kyaikthanlan Pagoda, immortalised in Rudyard Kipling's poetry, which begins: Lunches and dinners on your own expense. There is a new Kriegsbahnmuseum there. We' re going to Ye after lunch. We stop 10 miles before ye to see the Bananenberg, from where you can see the whole Ye valley.

When there is enough spare hour, we can watch the sunset from the Ye Railway Bridge. Lunches and dinners on your own expense. In Dawei we stop at Nabule Beach, where the government of Burma is planning the largest deep sea port in Southeast Asia. Dawe is the Tanintharyi Divison's former Tavoy city.

It was one of the first towns where the English established themselves after the First Anglo-Burmese War in 1826. We will take a walk along the interesting Dawei promenade if we have the necessary amount of free space. Lunches and dinners are your own bankroll. On the way to San Maria Beach we will ask ourselves how the Daweians can earn a livelihood.

We eat in front of the Myaw Yit Pagoda, which is linked to the mainland by a small crossroad. Soak up the relaxing and not overcrowded seaside ambience with a sunset and a tasty shellfish meal. Lunches and dinners are your own bankroll. This 230-kilometer stretch of highway has long been banned for international traffic.

A few kilometres after Dawei we go to the Shin Mok Hti Pagode, which dates back to 1438 and contains genuine parts of the bodywood. On the way, we will have our lunches in a tidy on-site eatery. The majority of the goods went to the interior and from there to Tanintharyi and on to the old capitol Siam Ayutthaya.

Lunches and dinners on your own expense. The majority of the goods went to the interior and from there to Tanintharyi and on to the old capitol Siam Ayutthaya. Bead-making is another speciality of Myeik. We' ll go to a shrimp factory and get to know the interesting breeding processes.

When many countries came together, the Thai, Burmese, Malaysian and Indian dishes became a mixture. We' re going to the souvenir store. Walk through the old-coloured district and head to the Royal Pearl store, which has been in the same hands for over 150 years.

From Thein Daw Gyi Pagoda, you' ll be able to watch a magnificent sundown over the Mergui Archipelago. Lunches and dinners on your own expense. We will begin our exploration of the Mergui Archipelago after having had our breakfasts. Observing the day-to-day lives of the fisherfolk during a brief stay in one of the towns along the way.

It' relaxation now. Snorkell in the clear water or simply sit in the shadows on the shore, swim in the sea or just have a game on the sands. First we stop in one of the village and have a freshly prepared luncheon near the shore.

Just relax on the shore and leave the outside behind. Food's on your own. The Mergui Archipelago will be a shared trip with other people. Afterwards we will see the famed Bayinnaung King sculpture, which welcomes the visitor from the cap. Victoria Point, nearby, is the southernmost part of Myanmar and a great photograph.

It is a great place to have our typical lunches all year round. It is a beautiful hillside with sunsets over the whole city and the Mergui Archipelago. Lunches and dinners on your own expense. We will take you to the tax-free downtown shopping centre after breakfasts, if there is enough space.

We' ll be visiting the lively waterfront and see the Long Taxi craft returning to Thailand. It' finally a goodbye to Kawthaung and get ready for the plane back to Yangon.

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