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Find/Mandalay: Find the best flight from Yangon (Rangoon) to Mandalay. Receive a warning if Yangon (Rangoon) fall on Mandalay prices. Reserving in advance can usually help you to get the best price. Anybody fly from Yangon to Mandalay lately? Well, if so, how much did this flight cost you?

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Receive a warning if Yangon (Rangoon) fall to Mandalay rates. The nearest Mandalay airfield is Mandalay. Currently 22 carriers are operating from Annisaton Airfield. The Annisaton has non-stop services to 12 towns. At least 130 national and 70 intercontinental services leave Annisaton every city.

Flights from Yangon to Mandalay

I' m not sure on which flight you've been or where.... but I can tell you that there are no new merchant aircraft in Myanmar.... the latest one was made around 1997... a few around 1994... most are about 20 years old... some are older! Keep in mind that there is a trading embargo....... on the market.

New aircraft will probably not be in the fleet for years.......

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Almost 630 km from Yangon, the former imperial capitol and second biggest town of Myanmar, you can reach comfortably by coach, train or plane. Coaches are often confined, but generally quicker and less expensive than coaches. Most of the railroad track in Myanmar is of British design.

Yangon and Mandalay, the two most important junctions, are linked by rails to each other and to the lower and higher parts of the state. Notice: In 2012, Myanmar has seen major changes in the timetable of trains, but there is still a great deal of outdated information on the Internet - always double-check the information when you plan your trip by trains.

Traveling by rail from Yangon to Mandalay is a great one. There are currently three a day services to Mandalay - one 6am from Yangon to Mandalay and 9pm and two afternoons - 3pm (No 5) and 5pm (No 3). They are the easiest way to Mandalay to get you to your final destinations early in the day (6am or 8am).

Please be aware, however, that neither platoon no. 11 nor platoon no. 5 have sleepers and only provide seating. Two kinds of seating are available - normal and top-of-the-range. In fact, it's just the standard tough fits and nothing else. Top-of-the-range seating is a flexible recliner, but in some cars you may find it in a fully recumbent state without the ability to put it in an erect state.

The price of these fits is double that of normal fits (MMK30,000/USD20-USD25). The No. 3 consists of both a seat and a sleeper. Moorings are approximately USD6-USD8 more expensive than luxury-seaters. Yangon Central is the Yangon Central railroad stop on Kun Chan Road, opposite the arena. Mandalay is situated at the junction of 79 and 30 Streets, just southwest of the palace's southwest area.

Hint trails (except the fast trains) from Yangon to Mandalay, past Bago, the drop off point to the Golden Rock. When Mount Kyaiktiyo is on your schedule, you should go first and then take the Mandalay in Bagorain. Yangon has several coach terminals, but the most important one for busses to Mandalay is the Highway Coach Station, also known as Aung Mingalar Terminal.

It' situated far outside the town, 500 metres eastwards of the Aung Mingalar Highway, between Sat Hmu Street and Sa Gaing Street; another 7 km NE of Yangon International Airport. You can buy your coach ticket in town at the ticket desks at the Yangon main station just outside the town.

Don't wait for any additional comforts - the busses are usually very crowded and used, although several "Elite" busses with three instead of four passengers per line now operate the line and are advised when you are arriving by coach. Yangon busses come to Mandalay Highway station, 8km from the center of Yangon.

There are three ways to get to the city: a cab, a motorcycle cab or a pick-up vehicle, which is essentially the means of urban-transportation. In order to drive with a pick-up, you have to run from the stop to the street, where you can take the MMK500-MMK1000 with you.

After Mandalay, Yangon is probably the most favoured flight path in Myanmar. There are a handfull of local and national airlines serving it, among them Myanmar Airways, Ambassador Mandalay and Yangon Airways. Up to a tens of services are operated together every day. Fares usually begin at $100 per flight and includes hold baggage, but it is always worth checking with the carrier in advanced.

Yangon International Yangon International is located 17 km from Yangon Central Station. Most of the way between the town and the airfield you can still travel by coach - look for a coach to Maha Si (ask the local people, otherwise you probably won't find out which coach is right for you) and then go up Yangon Airports Road - it's 2.5km to the terminals.

You should take a cab from the bus stop for about 1 USD. Mandalay International Airports is 45 km south-west of the town. To our great astonishment, the cab ride to the town is quite cheap: just wait for MMK12,000/USD10 for a personal car. In Mandalay, if you have already reserved your Mandalay accommodation, first ask your local guide to arrange a shuttle service from the school.

If they don't, they can help organize it at a slightly lower price. Golden-covered Buddha pictures, broad alleys and avenues, and an abundance of historic cities such as Mingun, Inwa, Sagaing and Amarapura, which populate the surrounding area of the town, make Mandalay a great stopover on your travel route in Burma.

Now even the only name in town is fascinating! Oh, are you serious? The view from Mandalay Hill is less picturesque than over the vast Bagan Floors from one of its churches; the town itself is less of a meditation than Nyaungshwe on Inle Lake; and less frantic and without the kind of colorful legacy that Yangon is proud of.

However Mandalay definitely has enough to keep you occupied for days: see the day-to-day wash of Buddha's face at Mahamuni Paya; take a walk across the iconic bow-leg lift and see the natives hurry across the lift at sundown; marvel at an astonishing puppeteering Mandalay styled game; or try to make these delicious Myanmar curry during the Yoe Yoe Lay Guesthouse cookery course - and make your own way to Mand

They are both linked to Mandalay by bus from the highway bus station. There are also busses to bathing resorts such as Sittwe and Thandwe (for Ngapali Beach). You leave from the bus station in Mandalay, Thar Yar Thar. Busses to Sittwe go via Mrauk-U, the 15th century city of Iraq. A number of Mandalay connections have been established in recent years, and there are now one- to seven weekly connections to Chiang Mai and Bangkok in Thailand, Singapore and Hong Kong, according to the country of origin.

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