Yangon to Mandalay by car

Mandalay to Yangon by car

Mandalay Yangon Car Hire about Ngapali Myanmar 2014 - Mandalay Forum We' ve just returned from Myanmar, in October 2014, and rented a car and a car for 12 nights. We' re pretty tough traders ourselves in the tourist industry, so I'd say that about 100,000k ('US$100) per 24-hour working week would be a reasonable rate, considering the streets we've taken over from him are being searched, but if you consider that the mean salary in Myanmar for a pro is $150 US per months, the pay is good.

It was 90K per 24 our day, if he was driving for 14 hrs or had the whole afternoon off the swim in Ngapali, the rates were the same, including all the petrol, engine adjustment, engine food, fractured windshields and low tires as well as street fees (these were around 40,000ks for the 12 era sometimes there was a royalty at the beginning of the town, in the centre of the town and at the end of the town, it was ripping off air).

Tourists' fees of $10 per capita and $15 per capita Bagan are not including. After we were in Burma 30 years ago in 1984, we wanted to go to Maymyo ("Pyin oo Win"), which we could remember as well in the 80s as a rugged western city when we took the 4:00 Lashio locomotive from Mandalay, 4. 5 hours, sunrise over the dale when the locomotive ascended the hill, 1,200 km.

Overnight in a very beautiful new guesthouse which has been suggested by the 79 employees of the Livingrestaurant in Mandalay. It' not yet on the deserted planets, a large two-story square overlooking the botanic garden at Pyin Oow Win named Win Unity, $50 US per room upstairs per day. Manager Zare Nie Htwe has a good command of English and has also worked in a Bagan tourism resort for 10 years and seems to have contact with properties throughout Myanmar, she has been very useful in making further reservations and the resort is very recommendable.

On the first morning Thurain went from Mandalay to Oo Win to meet us. 5. 5 hrs as on 4. 5 on the move, but hey, I like moves, so I suggest the move if you can make the 4am departure. If you go to Mt Poppa, you have to remain in the Resort, with the inflinity side swimmingpool that looks over the mountain.

Or you can hike from the reserve through the reserve to the foot of Mt Point to go up the 777 stairs and take a cane to scare the monkeys. So, one overnight Mt poppa and then 2 nights Bagan ( about 1. 5hrs from Mt poppa) remained in the Oasis hotelier, lovely yards and $70 puddle per overnight for $75 deluxe, but the multistory hotelbuilding rising next door said the manager would probably only be a little "noisy" until you get there.

1 full excursion to Inle, 3 overnight stays in a teak wood motel, centrally located, roomy wood interiors $50 superior room. The next morning a county trip went to the winery and the tofu hamlet went by the 10,000ks sources, 1000k prize for local people, you have to get this sized Myanmar if you want a tourism industrie, also the villains coming onboard and charging the 10,000 ks Inle tourism tax leaves much to be wanted, we talked to tourists on buses etc who thought they were deprived by these persons, even though a slip is finally made for yours. ý000ks.

Between $65 and $50 for luxury rooms, what can I say, full of spy and dubious Russians doing precious stones at the Zabu Thiri Hotell, multi-storey, no swimming pools? The next morning was spent an hours away from the town, long long afternoon to Pyay on Highway 2.

Hwy 1 near Oktwin to Pyay in chart size looks after about 100 km, if it is actually 200 km. A very hilly, single-lane (very good for Myanmar) asphalt highway, an approximate 30 km, the most impressive and scenically beautiful street we have covered in all of Myanmar, 200 km of bullshit all the way, many working bulls running along the way, coming out of the jungles at a point that looked like savage bulls, hilly tea forestation and untouched jungles, very few humans, towns or means of transportation, hoping to make their long

Lucky Dragon was fully loaded, so there was a dives on the beach next to us, bizarre wanted us $ 20 more if we were in Kyats than US $ payed, happy to go out of the city. In Myanmar it is almost not possible to get good tickets or travel times, as hardly anyone goes further than the next one.

In Pyay we asked 8/10 guys how long it would take from Pyay to Ngapali Beach and got responses from 5 to 14hrs! It took 9.5 hrs with about 5 hrs on cliffy tracks over 2 mountains from 3000 to 4000 meters.

There is no longer crystalline water on a solitary planetary surface. It was quite messy and the deserted beach on our way to Gwa was much more beautiful, we wished we had more to stop at this stage. If you can defy the dubious carriers and have little to spare you.

Again the Lonely Planet 2014 made the way from Ngapali to Yangon via Gwa in 10h. I' m counting that the coach leaves Yangon at 4:00 and will arrive at 7:00. We had to drive 5 hrs to Gwa on a dirty cliffy street, which was much harder than the way over Pyay, 12 hrs drive to the foothills of Yangon.

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