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Mandalay Sleeper Train from Yangon. Came back a few weeks ago just posting some info. They are both connected to Mandalay by buses leaving from the highway bus station.

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I' d been reading bookings that said you shouldn't take this one, but most of the time it was just folks who did it years ago, and I thought naive, it would have certainly got better. No, it's as hard as everyone says, I've been up in the air a lot and ended up with a lot of stains.

You' re not getting any rest, you don't see much after the first few lessons, it's not really rewarding in my view. Take the round trip around Yangon, this is a good railway ride. It is possible to take the railway to Mandalay. Mostly sleepers. Travelling by the Rangoon to Mandalay railway is a little rough, but a great time.

Some of the trips were high points of the journey, especially Mandalay-Pyin oo Lwin-Gokteik and Thazi to Inle Lake. You can see the changes in wildlife as you travel through the countryside, be amazed at the monstrosities that Napidaw is, when the trains shudder past, eating continuously, waving at the track, running with other travellers (mostly probably locally).....need damp towels to wipe the mud off your face and don't go to the bathroom when it's really bumpy....probably to throw up.

You won't find a platoon like this anywhere else! We' ve also taken the Yangon to the Mandalay-Sleeper Train and I concur with Cathie P..... it's a tough journey. However, I did not repent of taking the rail because we saw the rail journey in Myanmar and it was part of our great journey.

If you want to take the sleeping car, you should be conscious that it can't be a comfortable ride by rail, like e.g. a sleeping car in Thailand. Hello, just a short query about the sleepers. There were enough guys who sold meals, refreshments and bottled up the outside or even got on the run.

We' ve taken our lunch and our own soda. Arrival at 00pm from Yangon to Mandalay on February 11. Don't get much of a nap, because the trains are really loud and the trip is extreme tough, the wheels on my trains were at least 40 years old. When you get this move, be sure it will arrive in Mandalay very early in the mornings.

On the Yangon I traveled to the Mandalay dormouse and although it was jerky, it was a great time. It' s hard to begin, but at midnight it seems to calm down more, so that you can get a halfway good rest, even if divided into 1-2 hour periods. Railway terminals are also in a central location, which means there is no need for another long cabrides into town.

What do you need to do to book a sleeping car?

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