Yangon to Magway Bus

From Yangon to Magway Bus

For the long journey Yangon-Pyay-Magway-till to Bagan some rent a private car. If you arrive by bus, drive from the bus station to your hotel and stay there. You can take the bus to and from Mrauk U. Coming from Yangon and Mandalay (and therefore from Bagan with change in Kyaupadaung).

Arrival to Magwe

Choose different modes of transportation for information and click on the map to enlarge it. From Bagan there are busses to Magwe (5h, K7.000) there. Mrauk U also has scheduled busses (14h, K30,000). However, please bear in mind that this path is long and difficult and is sometimes limited to the police in parts of the state of Rakhine.

Timetables for Pyay to magwe - Pyay Forum

Hello, does anyone know the coach schedules for the trip to Mage from Pyay and the costs? Alternative the timetable for busses to Bagan from Pyay? It can take at least 6h from Pyay to Magway. When you depart from the motel at 7:30 in the mornings, 2:00 pm is a convenient time to arrive.

You can visit the renowned Magway Myathalun monumental monument and enjoy a picturesque sight on the riverbank. What does it take to get on the coach? For the long journey Yangon-Pyay-Magway-till to Bagan some hire a personal vehicle.

Bagan Magwe Pyay Travelogue - Pyay Forum

Since my hope of visiting Mrauk U was shattered at the last moment, I resolved to return to Bagan (was there in 2010) and then take the comfortable coach back to Yangon. They said they would let the coach sway around my guest house at 7:00 a.m. I bought my coach pass at the Hwy coach terminal near Shewzigon for 6500 Kie.

The natives seemed entertained when I was singing along in English! Once in Magwe (pronounced Mah-GWAY), foreign nationals have to report to the small policestation at the coach terminal, simply give them your pass and it will take a few mins. I was apprehended by a Trinhaw rider and I asked him to take me to a guest house I had known about, but the place was a garbage heap and they wanted $15 for a room with a bunk and nothing else.

They seemed more worried about their lunches, so I went and had the chauffeur take me to the'notorious' Rolex Guesthouse. It was actually quite cute for a cheap place, and I was negotiating to get a room for 12,000 kyats, a large room with 2 single berths and a coldwater showers.

He got on the next day's 6:45 a.m. to Pyay. 4,000k for a six-hour drive is not a poor business. The" coaches", who called to the natives when we came over to see if they were on the way to Pyay, said it "Pyeh". Tried to find a reasonable guest house in Pyay, so many sleazy places asking $20 or so.

It is a beautiful place, and I drove around this afternoons to see some of the places of interest in the old part of the country; and to my amazement, the natives say "Pee" to the people! After a long nights drinkin' beers after this event, I was on the 7:00am to Yangon on the coach.

{\a6} (7hrs, 4500 kyat). Please be aware that when you arrive in Yangon it will take you 45 min to one hr to get to the city from this departures. In the city I payed 5000 Kyats for a cab (the 3 natives with whom I exchanged 1000 kyats each).

Someday I saw two aliens in Pyay, the other nights I saw none at all. I' m definitely going to see Pyay again!

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