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Mae Sot Bus from Yangon

Arrival from Yangon to Myawaddy/ Mae Sot border crossing. A network of travelers, locals and travel experts to help you find the right answer. When you arrive at the bus station, there is a ticket office for Green Bus on the left-hand side. It is currently the only company with direct bus connections to the Thai border town of Mae Sot.

Travel from Yangon to Myawaddy/ Mae Sot Frontier Post - Yangon (Rangoon) Forums

My plan is to stay about 2 week in Myanmar and from Yangon to the Myawaddy/Mae Sot ( "Thailand") crossroad. During these two wards I hope to take the bus or the railway and stop at some beautiful places along the way. I just wonder what some ideas would be for me to stay a few days in each place to see some of Myanmar before coming to Thailand.

I' m looking at four or five different places, Yangon included, for three afternoons. In order to remain at the top, but it is worthwhile and to be booked in advanced, you have enough travel to Myanmar. Hpa-an is another of the attractions on the way to Myawaddy. There''s a pull option if you want a sconce.

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Mae Sot overland border crossing

When the Chiang Mai OR wants to get to Yangon in the shortest possible timeframe, it is very simple and does not take much of your inconvenience. I have Bangkok to Hpa-an and many others, Kawkareik to Bangkok (via the old road) and will take Mawlamyine to Bangkok in one afternoon, although not by means of local transportation, but all these combination are much further than Chiang Mai to Hpa-an via Mae Sot and in all cases I have been able to reach my goal not too far in the morning.

Like Rivaltribal said, Chiang Mai to Mae Sot lasts only 5-6 hrs by bus and then it is only about 3 hrs to Hpa-an after you cross the boarder, which doesn't take more than a few minutes. It is usually quite simple to get out once you get to Myawady and if there are no other travelers, just charter a cab or find some other travelers who also cross and you can almost immediately depart.

Then Hpa-an to Yangon is only 5-6 hrs by bus or only 4.5 hrs by cars. All in all it is about 3+5 or 3+6, so let's say 9 hrs from Myawady via Hpa-an to Yangon. The drive over the island is longer, because it is a small roundabout, but it is not longer than oneh.

Probably most travelers would want to try Hpa-an or Marlamyine as a stop between Chiang Mai and Yangon, although Hpa-an is more interesting. Both Mae Sot and Myawady would have little interest, although both places have some interesting things to see/do. So 2 or 3 day are very real, 3 only if you want to try Hpa-an on the road.

As an alternative, Golden Rock is another intermediate stop along the motorway between Myawady and Yangon. For a fast passage 2 or less day are possible; 3-4 day (or more) to really see places in between (mainly Hpa-an, maybe Mawlamyine and Kyaithiyo (Golden Rock)).

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