Yangon to Loikaw Flight

Flight from Yangon to Loikaw

Myanmar National Airlines is the cheapest airline(s) from Yangon to Loikaw. Month(s) flying from Yangon to Loikaw is September. Cheapest day of the week to fly from Yangon to Loikaw is Wednesday. Morning is the best time of day to fly from Yangon to Loikaw. Booking your flight from Yangon (RGN) to Loikaw (LIW) with our best price guarantee.

Discount flights from Yangon to Loikaw

Myanmar National Airlines is the lowest cost airline(s) from Yangon to Loikaw. From Yangon to Loikaw the lowest month(s) is November. Lowest cost airfare from Yangon to Loikaw is Friday. Favourable hour of the days to get from Yangon to Loikaw is in the mornings.

Quickest flight from Yangon to Loikaw is 50 mins. It takes an approximate flight of 50 mins. Early flight of the morning starts at 08:00 o'clock. Last flight of the morning at 08:00. Between Yangon and Loikaw the flight route is 330 km.

We have 1 carriers offering non-stop services from Yangon to Loikaw. Myanmar National Airways is the most frequented carrier from Yangon to Loikaw.

Flights Yangon to Loikaw

Here are some frequently asked flight questions: How soon can I get the best flight from Yangon to Loikaw? Airline companies are adjusting air ticket fares from Yangon to Loikaw to the date and hour you make your reservation. Following analysis of all airline companies' figures, we found that the best times to make flight bookings are Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

What is the frequency of air travel from Yangon to Loikaw? There' s a one-way flight from Yangon to Loikaw. Which is the most beloved nonstop carrier for Yangon to Loikaw routes? offers 1000 of the non-stop routes between Yangon and Loikaw. Greater versatility is the key advantage when purchasing a one-way flight from Yangon to Loikaw.

Each year Loikaw draws tens of thousand of visitors, both commercially and privately.

Flight from or to Yangon or Mandalay to Loikaw - Loikaw Forum

Hello, can you take a flight from Yangon or Mandalay to Loikaw? Hello, we found out that United Myanmar Air or Myanmar Airways are flying there and sent an e-mail directly to the carrier. I' d be happy to hear from someone else about your credit card. The majority of the carriers are flying to Heho because Loikaw was recently opened.

Hopefully we flew directly to Loikaw, because we wanted to stay 3 nights in this area, before we made our way to Inle and Heho, before we flew from there to Mandalay etc.. You know by any chance if permission is needed to come to Loikaw? Last year I wanted to take the coach from Aubang to Loikaw, but they were so overloaded that I didn't go directly to Myanmar's favorite places in Myanmar, namely Kalov and Hpa, where I'm still trying to find your way without you duplicating or making too many trips, especially since you have to buy a ticket for the children. and I like the night busses, in which the children will be sleeping well, even if you don't ha!

Thank you Monty, the more we do, the harder it seems to come to Loikaw, but we will make it if I have to bear the children on my back! Maddijett, suggest the flight from Yangon - Heho then autotranfer from Heho - Loikaw.

It can be done in 1 days if you are booking an early flight from Yangon (I am sure there will be many flights/day). You fly from Yangon - Heho every morning, because this is the major visit point in Myanmar, while Loikaw is not. The flight to Loikaw is not carried out every morning.

You don't need to get a pass to see Loikaw, you can't stay in the woods right now. When you simply go around the clock exploring Loikaw and stay at the GH or your accommodation, you don't need to ask for papers.

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