Yangon to Kalaw Bus

From Yangon to Kalaw Bus

If you want to take the same bus to Inle Lake, add a few hours and a winding road. Yangon Bus - Kalaw | Find the best fares Our mission is to link you to the most reliable bus operators covering bus services from Yangon to Kalaw. We can help you find what you are looking for, from inexpensive bus passes to luxury busses from Yangon to Kalaw, depending on how much money you have.

Encounter with local residents at bus stops as you journey from Yangon to Kalaw - there's no better way to find out when you' re discovering a new town than to go directly to the town. You will surely experience a optical delicacy on your bus ride from Yangon to Kalaw, from kilometres of beautiful nature scenery to impressing man-made attractions.

Transporting a 100 km long traveller by bus requires only 0.6-0.9 litres of natural-gas. Comparing this with the 2.6 litres needed by the high-speed trains, 6.6 litres by plane and 7.6 litres by LPG vehicle, it becomes clear that the bus is a more eco-friendly alternative for your bus transport from Yangon to Kalaw.

Get in the mood for the subtle sound of your best musical playlists on your bus ride from Yangon to Kalaw and enjoy kilometers of sights. Do you know that some bus operators in Germany serve their passengers inexpensive refreshments and local beers?

With the longest track record in the business, the busman has driven more than 2,000,000 kilometers and is a lucky record-breaker.

Fly Yangon to Kalaw by bus from 743.57TB.

How to buy Yangon - Kalaw passes? What is the Yangon - Kalaw road? There are 419 km of routes. No earlier than 06:30, no later than 18:00 hrs. CET. The Yangon - Kalaw routes are operated by JJ Express, Myanmar National Airlines, Myanmar Airways Intl, Air KBZ.

A cheap bus trip to Yangon - Kalaw costs 19.47 (US $ 22.69) with JJ Express (9h), while the most fancy bus trip costs 220.33 (US $ 256.89) with Myanmar Airways Intl, which is 1h 10m on time. A number of providers offer snack bars, others stop at a food court on the street (some also offer a lunch in the fares).

In order to have a secure and convenient journey to Yangon - Kalaw, you can select the best valued tours and give your own rating.

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