Yangon to Hpa an Flight

to Hpa and flight

Hpa An Airport (PAA) in Myanmar with no hidden charges. Many different bus companies run from Yangon to Hpa An. We have Hpa-An flights for all vacation plans.

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Hpa-an to Yangon range

The Hpa-an is in Myanmar with (16,8895,97,6348) and Yangon in Myanmar with (16,8053,96,1561) co-ordinates. Flight from Hpa-an to Yangon is 98 mile, which corresponds to 158 km. From Hpa-an to Yangon, if you want to travel by road, the route is 284.83 km.

When you drive your vehicle at an approximate driving pace of 112 km/h (70 mph), the driving period is 02h32min. See the mean journey times chart on the right for different choices.

Hpa An to Bangkok, which is easier: via Yangon or Mae Sot?

The last stop of my journey in Myanmar is Hpa-an, from where I am travelling to Bangkok. Anyone has any experiance on if it is faster/easier to go back to Yangon and then get a flight from there, or go to Mae Sot and flig.

Yangon is said to have longer buses than Myawaddy, but then there is a lot of effort and effort to get from the stop to the border, then across the border and to the airpor? As Mae Sot looks quite near the border on the chart, would it be possible to just cross the border and then proceed to the Aiport?

Yangon and Mae Sot are similar, so the prices of these trips are not taken into account, and there is a flight from Mae Sot at 15:00 or 17:00, which should give enough round-trip from Hpa-An to get there.

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