Yangon to Hpa an Distance

Hpa and distance to Yangon

Hpa-an (Kayin, Myanmar) and Yangon (Myanmar) Distance between Yangon and Hpa An. Find the best route, best commuter, travel time, compare the weather of source and destination. Distances between Yangon, Yangon region, Myanmar (Burma) and Hpa-An, Kayin, Myanmar (Burma) 172 mile

It is 180 miles or 289 km from Yangon, Yangon region, Myanmar (Burma) to Hpa-An, Kayin, Myanmar (Burma). This is a 5 hour 20 minute walk. When you plan a trip by air for 96 miles or 155 km, you can reach this route in about 42 minutes.

To get the distance between these points, a vehicle with an MPG on board needs 8.33 gallon of throttle. Estimates of the costs of gas between Yangon, Yangon region, Myanmar (Burma) and Hpa-An, Kayin, Myanmar (Burma) are $19.42. On the way, an ordinary automobile releases 163.27 lbs of CO2 into the air.

It has a CO2 base of 0.91 lbs2 per million lbs2 per kilometer of CO 2.

3-Days Golden Rock and Hpa An Adventure

Adventures through beautiful landscapes, exploration of mountain peaks, caverns and places of worship along the way. You will start your tour with an excursion to Bago, where you will see a forest devoted to the'nats' or ghosts of the area. Next you will see solid Buddha pictures and a thousand-year-old Buddha page before you arrive in Kyailktiyo, the'Golden Rock'.

Next morning drive to Hpa-An, where you will see rice paddies, rice paddies, coir orchards and old traditionals. Later you will go to Kawh Goon Cave, capped with small terracotta votiv panels, before continuing to Saddham Cave and Kyauktalat Monastery. The last part of the trip is a cruise to Mawlamyine. Arrived there, you hike through the cold roads, marvel at the tranquil ambience and see a pagoda.

Removal from Hpa-an to....

Where is Hpa-an from the Pole? The Hpa-an lies 5,053.03 mi (8,132.07 km) southwards of the Arctic Ocean. Where is Hpa-an from the Eqator and on which semicorb? The Hpa-an lies 1,167.32 mi (1,878.62 km) just off the coast just off the coast of the Southern Balearic Islands.

So how far is it from Hpa-an to the South Pole? It is 7,387.58 miles (11,889.16 km) from Hpa-an to the South Pole in the N... What do I get to if I bury a pit in Hpa-an through the center of the world? It is the point on the earth's face where a line of Hpa-an is drawn through the center of the world.

What is the farthest town ('500,000 or more) and how far is it from Hpa-an?

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